Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do the good die young?

THE RIGHTEOUS man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; and merciful and devout men are taken away, with no one considering that the uncompromisingly upright and godly person is taken away from the calamity and evil to come even through wickedness.

He in death enters into peace; they rest in their beds, each one who walks straight and in his uprightness. Isaiah 57:1-2

I found this verse the other day and it blew me away! How often do we see fellow Christians who die of cancer or are killed in a car accident or somehow are taken from us before they reach old age?  I know many people who struggle with God's grace and love when someone they care about dies horrifically. In their grief, they blame God. After all, this person was a god-fearing person, someone who loved God and was an avid follower of Jesus. Was this their reward? What happened? Does God care?

But I think we are looking at it wrong.  We have such a limited understanding of what is truly going on in this world and what exists beyond our limited demensions.  This verse gives one possible answer as to why God allows a godly person to die young. He or she is taken away from some future evil or calamity that would have happened to them if they had not died. In essense God is rescuing them from disaster. Isn't that cool?  I remember another verse somewhere in the Bible (if you know of it, please tell me) that says something similar to this but goes further in saying that the person would have walked away from God if He had allowed them to live. In other words, in His divine wisdom, God saw that He would lose this person for all eternity, and rather than allow that to happen, He took them home early. What a wonderful, loving God!!!  Why do we doubt Him?

Perhaps we need to look at the death of a believer as a promotion, instead of something bad. Yes, it's bad for those of us still here on earth, but it's a GREAT thing for the person. They are now in the most wonderful, beautiful place imaginable with no more pain or sorrow. They are with Jesus. Makes me jealous.

Can we apply this principle also to the bad things that happen to us? Maybe with the perspective of eternity, they aren't really bad things at all, but ultimately for our good. Ask God to give you spiritual eyes and spiritual ears to be able to slip outside of your earthly body and perspective and see things the way He does. I have a feeling, it will change everything!


  1. Debbie Mitchell debsbunch5@jesusanswers.comAugust 9, 2010 at 9:27 AM

    MaryLu, The following quotation comes from the Wisdom of Solomon 4:10-15. It is one of the apocryphal books, which are not found in all Bibles:

    "There were some who pleased God and were loved by Him, and while living among sinners were taken up. They were caught up so that evil might not change their understanding, or guile deceive their souls. For the fascination of wickedness obscures what is good, and roving desire perverts the innocent mind. Being perfected in a short time, they fulfilled long years; for their souls were pleasing to the Lord, therefore He took them quickly from the midst of wickedness. Yet the peoples saw and did not understand, to take such a thing to heart, that God's grace and mercy are with His elect, and that He watches over His Holy ones."

    Is this what you were thinking of? I totally understand (now) that God has to take some people early in life. At first, you feel angry, because someone you truly love has been taken away from you. But, after awhile you come to realize that your loved one has fulfilled his/her purpose on this earth. We will see them again one day! Have a great day!

  2. Debbie, this is not the verse I was thinking of, but this is an awesome paragraph from Solomon. I've never seen it before. Anyway, it certainly does give us an entirely different perspective on this life. Thank you for your comment!

  3. This does give a whole new perspective on young death. When some one dies young, I have often heard people say that they died because God just decided that it was their time. But, I alway's thought that statement was very vague. I never understood why God would just decide to take a young person's life, I knew that there had to be some kind of reason for it. This scripture really put's it into a better light.
    God bless!

    Amber Minnehan

  4. I really needed this. Like just a second ago was thinking and asking why. Thank you!

  5. This post made me think of a pastor and his wife who lost their son in a car accident a couple of years ago...and he left behind a wife and infant daughter. The wife was also pregnant with their second child...but it was amazing to see how in spite of the parents grief, they still honored God. They called it their son's homecoming to heaven!! Anyway, I loved your post and reminded me that earth isn't our true home anyway...we're meant to be with God!!! Have a good week. Love and hugs, Heather :)

  6. Thanks Ladies! It it truly wonderful to see Christians who actually believe this and rejoice when their loved ones are promoted to heaven. Faith in action. I know of a pastor who lost a wife and a daughter but the incident made him an even stronger Christian. Amazing!

  7. Hi Marylu,
    My name is Wilson. Forgive me when I ask this, as it may come out offensive to you, but I only mean it as a question: MaryLu, did you personally experience a time when someone you cared for die young?


  8. Wilson, I didn't take offense at your question at all. My answer is no, I have not had anyone I'm close to die young. I have no concept of the pain of such a loss. And I certainly meant no offense by my post. I pray it didn't come across in a callous way. I'm very sorry if it did. My intent was only to offer comfort to those who had lost someone early. I thought that perhaps a different perspective (from God's eyes) would help anyone going through the situation to see that perhaps God spared their loved one from further pain.
    If you have lost someone close to you, I'm very sorry. Please accept my apology if my post offended you in any way. God bless you and your family.

  9. Hi MaryLu,
    No problem! no offense was taken! It was just a question. Your post has been encouraging!