Articles on Christianity

Welcome! This page contains a list of all of my messages and thoughts and studies on the Bible, Christianity, and my own walk with God. I hope they inspire you and bring you great comfort and joy!

How to be saved from an eternity in hell
How to know if I'm truly saved 

Didn't have a Father or had a bad one?
Are we sliding into Sodom and Gomorrah?
Aren't excited to go to Heaven? Maybe I can entice you
What happens in heaven when you pray

How to Battle Satan and win - Part 1
How to Battle Satan and win - Part 2
How to Battle Satan and win -Part 3

Abortion and the Worship of Baal

The Doctrine of Demons: Once Saved, Always Saved 

Can a Christian lose their Salvation? 

What in the World is going on? Is God Real?

End Times Prophecy

The Rapture and the 153 Fish!
Pre rapture instructions from the Apostle Paul
My opinion of how close we are to the rapture
Could God have given us a 120 year warning?
The incredible Revelation 12 Sign that happened on Sept 23rd 2017
The dragon in Revelation 12 and Planet X
A little more on the Revelation 12 Sign
Who goes in the Rapture?
Pre-Trip, Mid-Trib, who cares-Trib?
You will know the timing of the Rapture and why that's important
God's book of remembrance - critical for end times
How to be an overcomer and why it's so important you are 
More than one Rapture? 
Where are we prophetically?
Prophetic review of 2017
Five things you must do to survive the Last Days 
Are you ready for the Wedding of the Lamb?
Want to be an overcomer?
Prophetic warning? Total eclipse across the USA
Astounding information on the August 2017 USA Eclipse  
As in the days of Noah 
Born again? Not yet! 
Then being with Child, she cried out in labor to give birth 
The dragon in Revelation 12 and planet X 
Are we the generation who will see the return of Jesus?
End Times Scoffers beware!

Friday Musings: Pondering Current News
August 19, 2022 - How to be Victorious in the coming days
August 12, 2022 - Watchman, what of the night?
August 5, 2020 - Wars and Rumors of Wars
July 29,2022 - You are a Privileged Generation!
July 22, 2022 - Do not fear! 
July 15, 2022 - Eye of the Storm
July 8,2022 - Armor up! 
July 1, 2022 - These are the times that try men's souls
June 24, 2022 - God is never late
June 17,2022 - Shadows of the Apocalypse 
June 10,2022 - The Tribulation table is set but so is the Wedding!
June 3, 2022 - The coming of the Lord is very near
May 27, 2022 - I will Keep you from the Hour of Temptation
May 20, 2022 - Almost home!
May 13,2022 - Surely, I am coming Quickly! 
May 6, 2022 - We are already gathered!
April 22, 2022 - Come, my people, enter into the Wedding Chamber
April 15, 2022- Let's Passover on the Passover!

Various Topics

It's easy to leave Egypt, and much harder to enter the promised land.
Do you feel surrounded by enemies?
Is God enough for you during the hard times?
Be on your guard. Don't fall from your secure position.
How to do warfare for your lost loved one!
Jesus is a worm 
The key to living above your circumstances 
Are things in your life getting worse or better?
Salvation is a marriage contract that can be broken
God's Gift destroyed 
Abortion and the worship of Baal! 
How do I know if I'm truly saved? 
Read the powerful testimony of an X-Christian Witch!
Fire on your right and deep water on your left
Be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves - Kayne West 
Law vs. Works - Once saved always saved? 
Final words on Eternally secure salvation 
Out of Bethlehem comes!
A Christmas dialogue from heaven
Want to live forever? You will!
God is a romantic at heart!
The narrow path is getting pretty tight!
What does God say about transgenders?
Who are the sons and daughters of God?
Message to the saints: Do not be afraid: I AM
Urgent warning dream--Runners falling out of the race!
Want to hear from God about the Big Things?
The Battle is Real
Don't forget who you are!
Is Obedience Legalism?
Does God condone slavery?
Is God a misogynist?
The Wise Men's gift to Jesus---prophetic meaning
Salvation is a Marriage Contract that can be broken
Are things in your life getting worse or better?
The Key to living above your circumstances
Is Jesus God?
When you pray, do you have hope or faith?
Looking for and longing for eternity
Are you blocking God's light?
How badly do you want it?
You might want to leave your church IF
You are already in heaven!
Working hard but never have enough?
Salvation is Free but it's conditional
Why don't we get what we ask for in prayer?
You must have intimacy with God or you aren't saved
How to tell how far you've grown spiritually
Want to hear from God about the big things?
The Battle is Real
Don't forget who you are "In Christ"!
Jesus or the Rapture, which would you choose?
No fruit. You might get burned
Which Jesus do you follow?
My experience with demons
My Experience with Angels
Eight types of Christians, which are you?
Fallacies the church teaches that aren't in the Bible
Tell them I love them!
How to live in a world falling apart.
Path Quiz: Narrow or Wide?
Do you have head faith or heart faith?
Christian Works: The good, the bad, and the ugly
How to be led by the Holy Spirit
The power of persistent prayer
Do we preach half a Gospel?
Don't be cast from the Kingdom of God
Why Christians should behave like soldiers
Should Christians celebrate Christmas? 
Should Christians celebrate Halloween ?
Do we care about the lost?
Do you realize the power you have?
How to kiss God
The two sides of God. Are we missing the Awe?
Who is really going to make America great again?
Deceptions that have crept into the church
Who likes to wait?
Very few Christians actually read the Bible
Is suicide a mortal sin?
Are Christians extremists?
Disease and the devil
Have we been tricked into celebrating a pagan festival?
How close is God? Superstring theory
Never abdicate your throne!
Do our words have spiritual power?
Beware of false prophets dressed up like pastors
How to know and stay in the perfect will of God
God, Romance, and the Jewish wedding
Fear God or fear man
Do we care that our brothers and sisters are being butchered?
How easily could you be deceived?
Avoid giving into temptation-lessons from David
Prepare for the battle ahead!
What's the difference between lust and love?
Are Christians intolerant?
The miracle of birth and when life begins
What's up with a One World Government?
The antidote for fear
The Tower of Babel the beginning of the occult
How to avoid deception, part 1, know God
How to avoid deception, part 2, know God's Word
How to avoid deception, part 3, know prophecy
How to avoid deception, part 4, connect with like-minded believers
How to avoid deception, part 5, prayer and fasting
What the book of ACTS says about the modern church
Saved by Faith or Works, Part 1
Saved by Faith or Works, Part 2
Peace, peace, but there is no peace
What you look like in the spirit realm
Why should we care about Rosh Hashana?
Your name is spoken before the throne of God!
The key to empowering your faith
When the storm hits, don't cut your anchor chain!
Are we the lukewarm church?
God is not concerned with your happiness
After election madness, how the church has failed.
Remove those High places!
What's up with speaking in tongues?
What was the star of Bethlehem?
Born to be a slug
How do you know?
Peace, peace, when there is no peace
The Seeker Friendly Church- good or bad?
What is the Kingdom of God?
Moments before the birth of Christ
What is your passion?
Are  you believing your own press?
Do you know his voice?
Would you wear rags to your wedding?
Unfathomable evil - Paris
What do you look like to God?
Have you been robbed?
Do you realize who you are?
What is the definition of success?
Is your house on sand or rock?
To Wholly follow the Lord
To Fast or not to Fast
Secret Codes in the Bible
Martyred, me? 
Verse of Remembrance

The Courts of our God!
When tragedy strikes
Household Salvation
Beware of Complaining
Time to get serious!
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Are you a lion or a lamb?
The Perfect Dad
Where is the blessing?
Do we give our pastors too much glory?
How to find God's call on your life
How to find God's will for your life - my journey
Worth playing for?
Garrisoned by God's Power
A Royal Priesthood!
The Measure of a true Christian
Are you still playing with sand castles?
Intimacy with God
He endured the punishment due us
Our land is polluted, and not from smog!
God has already given you everything you need
Sit down in Heavenly places
What is belief?
Looking for a happily ever after?
Oh death, where is thy sting?
Live purposefully!
The trouble with worry
Is God a bully?
Joy in suffering
I have overcome the world!
How to hear from God regarding important decisions
God never changes
God is in charge and He is good!
From Slave to Heir!
Take your medicine three times a day!
When I am weak, then I am strong!
Are you a Judas?
Do you stink?
Think and believe big!
The way up is down
Converts or Disciples?
Oh, death where is thy sting?
Too heavenly minded to be of earthy good?
Get your nose out of the air and into the dirt
Missed God's calling on your life?
Is Christianity Boring?
The cause of all arguments
The Illusion of success
God will fight your battles!
Do you treat God as a business partner or a lover?
You are not of this world!
What about those Catholics?
Is Sex Before Marriage a Sin in God's Eyes?
When the Supernatural is Natural
When Trouble Strikes!
Is Heaven for Real?
We will be resurrected too!
Who is worthy to destroy the flaming sword?
The Fall of a Pastor
Is God Enough?
The Illusion of Success
God will fight your battles!
How do you treat God? Business Partner or Lover?
The Power of Words
You are not of this world!
Longing for His Appearing!
Think about it!
What is Freedom, really?
Doctrine or Devotion
God is in charge, and God is good!
What is the cure for rejection?
Diagnosis of a heart changed by God
Be a Glo Worm!
If there is no God. . .
Is there a hole in your bucket? 
How to know what God wants you to do
Are you a body with a soul or a soul with a body?
Christina's story - How God rescued her from Satanism
In need of some strong support?
You have more power than Satan or God Himself!
Would your father willingly hurt you?
How to avoid a mundane life
A bastion of love!
Heaven, hell, paradise. What did Jesus do after He died?
Do you have mortality syndrome?
What to do when the World is falling apart
Take risks, your future is secure!
How to keep a shrunken head in a world that wants to swell it up!
Do you know a house is being built for you in Heaven?
Can Christians Sin?
Do Pets go to Heaven?
Are you thirsty?
God will never give up on you!
The key to enduring until the end
Do you know God or know OF God?
Are we the lukewarm church from Revelation?
Eat my flesh, drink my blood, why do you follow Jesus?
Are you stuck in prison?
What are you going to do with what you know?
Is God a slot machine?
Consider the Ant, you sluggard!
Longing for Jesus's return
Prescription for Peace
The Purposeless Life
Seated in the Heavenlies
Out from the grave!
Wash all of me, Lord!
Have no fear of bad news!
What do you look like in God's Mirror?
Stop agreeing with the devil!
Need a father?
Does reading your Bible produce faith?
Need power over the giants in your life?
Worship, an abomination?
Longing for His appearing
Peek through the smoke
Come up higher!
The time of your captivity has come to a close
Hearing from God, 10 minutes a day
Does the Bible predict Jesus's 2nd coming?
Where is God in the face of pure evil?
Christianity is not a religion
Are you drawing from empty wells?
The ends justify the means, or do they?
When you're sinking in quick sand, stand on the truth
Once Upon a Time and the Gospel
That's not fair!
Stop being afraid!
Are we obeying Jesus's final command?
Does God truly speak to us?
God's train fills the temple!
Make me holy right now!
The Jewish feasts' connection to the rapture
Getting to know God
What to expect in the millennium - ruling for 1000 years
What to expect in the millennium - glorified bodies
What to expect in the millennium - the curse is lifted
What to expect in the millennium - the Great White Throne Judgement
Eternity and Provision in every step
How to spot a false prophet
What is the church supposed to look like?
Seven military attributes of God
Are we teaching pastors right?
Don't forget to arm yourself!
Are we doing communion right?
Feeling unblessed?  Try forgiveness
Are we doing baptism right?
Pursuing Peace
Is tithing 10% of your income Biblical?
Praying from the dungeon
Are we worshiping right?
Rule in the midst of captivity
The cost of discipleship
Is the role of the Pastor Biblical?
Is the role of the Pastor Biblical - part 2
Be careful what you pray for
Is the Sunday Sermon Biblical?
Want to be chosen for a grand adventure?
You are behind enemy lines!
Sail toward the light
You are not alone!
Why do we have the church building?
Are we doing church right? - part 3
Are we doing church right? - part 4
Live a life of contrast!
Have we lost the purpose of marriage?
What is the goal of life?
Jesus meets you where you're at
Is Satan real?
Predestination - all aboard who are coming aboard!
Are we doing church right?
Is there a fiddle on board?
What is wrong with romance in our culture?
God's resurrection power!
Can we change our culture for Christ or is it too late?
Did Jesus descend into hell?
If I were the devil
When life gets blurry
Someday we will judge the world
Out of food? God will provide!
Moving forward with God
How to find God's will for your life
Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord!
Keeping your distance from God
Guided by the hand of God
Follow that cloud!
Slave ship or freedom ship?
Is Christianity a pleasure trip?
Signed, sealed, delivered
Broadsides and swords can break your bones, but names can never hurt you.
God became flesh
If it costs you nothing?
Set a course for that eternal horizon!
We can trust our ship's forerunner
Dancing a jig for Jesus!
Don't end up in the bilge
Need faith stepping off the plank?
Hoist those sails!
Be a dog for Jesus!
Do you know you are a priest?
Stop believing the lies!
Ways God speaks to us - Part 1
Ways God speaks to us - Part 2
Ways God speaks to us - part 3
Rationalism vs. Formalism
Want to hear from God, try being quiet!
Need an anchor for your ship in the storm?
Are we living in the last days?
Something for Nothing
The Immortals
The god of this world
Cheap Grace
Thanksgiving = Faith 
The Path of Most Resistance
You've been given the Kingdom!
Why do we have such a hard time trusting God?
News Flash - Satan isn't after you!
Got Shallow Faith?
Can we ask for whatever we want in Jesus's name?
God vs. the World System
Where do you stand on Israel?
The Power of Praise!
Do you think God can't use you?
Check the top of your head
The trinity of God's voice
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
Beware False Prophets Among You
Do we really know what Jesus endured on the Cross?
Because the Lord Needs it
Christianity is not a Belief. It's a way of Life!
The Power of One Plus God
What does a true Christian Look like?
Was Jesus Seeker Friendly?
Take off those filthy rags!
The Flying Scroll and the Basket of Wickedness
Don't Worship Giants!
Daughters of the King!
Progress Upon the High Places of Suffering
No Social Justice in the Spirit Realm
Why do we go on?
The Dark versus the Light
You've been given Every Spiritual Blessing in the Heavenly Realm!
How to Shake the Fear of Man
Let Go and Let God
Shepherds Rock!
Don't be a Burnt Pancake!
Destroyed by a Lack of Knowledge
Got Victory?
Need a hiding place?
My Husband's Conversion
Can God Save Anyone?
Is God Ruthless or Merciful?
God's Seven I Wills!
What is in your hand right now could make your destiny!
You Shall Never be Moved
Want a grand Destiny? Go to Boot Camp!
God's Way of Romancing
Wrestling with God
God is a Gentleman
Was Jesus a Socialist?
Is there a mark on your head?
Got Crumbling Ruins?
Why do the Good Die Young?
Persecution is coming
Out of the pit of Corruption!
Out of time!
Got Peace?
True Worship
Do you want to part the Red Sea?
How to discern the voice of God
How to discern the voice of the enemy
A spiritual vision of yourself
Are you a special Utensil?
Are you still wearing your grave clothes?
Don't let the darkness overtake you!
10 Reasons to not sleep with your boyfriend before marriage
Persistence Requires Faith
The Upside Down World
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
Make sure the light you have is not darkness
Don't show up for the wedding feast naked!
Is God ignoring you?
God can bless your mess!
Test me on this!
The Scroll of Remembrance
You eat but are not satisfied
God can use the worst witness to save an entire city!
Signs and wonders
Exceedingly precious
It's not about heaven
Stop trying and start being
Reversal of Fortune
Wonderful Counselor
Trust Him in the details
For such a time as this
When God calls, I suggest you answer
God can use your past to create a beautiful future
I will not lose even one that He has given me
A Prayer Warrior
Approval Addiction
The Call of God on the worst of sinners
Once slaves but now free!
Hope in a hopeless world
Having trouble with a difficult decision?
Don't be ignorant!
What does God think of you?
Do you have a contrite heart?
Remove your high places and cling!
The biggest problem with most people
The fear of man
Does God really love me?
Grace, works, and losing salvation
Does God still speak to us?
Can you lose your salvation?
Enter through the narrow gate
Want to have a successful life?
For such a time as this
Don't give up!
Sleeping through the storm
Do you want to prosper?
Live life out on the plank!
The seed that fell on rocky soil
Only 5 loaves and 2 fish
Who can show us any good?
Does God still heal?
What is the purpose of life?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Why do we suffer?
Fiery darts!
What is heaven like? part 1
What is heaven like? part 2
What is heaven like? part 3
What is heaven like? part 4
What is heaven like? part 5
What is heaven like? part 6
What is heaven like? part 7
What is heaven like? part 8
What is heaven like? Part 9
What is heaven like? part 10
What is heaven like? conclusion
Are Christians narrow-minded?