Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The REAL History of the World! Everything is a lie!

Dear Friends and Fellow Saints, 
A dear friend of mine sent me one of the following videos (the 5 hour one!) and I watched enough of it to sense spiritually that truth was being spoken. In addition, they gave tons of proof and evidence of what they were saying.  I watched portions of another one too. But I cannot vet all of them. However, I felt led to post them for those who have time on their hands and are interested in knowing more about what is going on in this crazy world we live in .
 It is my opinion, based on what I've learned that the Satantic powers in charge of the world have lied to us from the beginning, and continue to lie, only increasing their lies as we reach the end. I believe much of what we learned about world and US history has been fabricated. I also believe that much of what they tell us about "science" has been entwined with lies. I believe NASA is an occult organization that has been lying to us since its inception. I am not convinced we actually landed on the moon at all, and I'm not convinced everything they tell us about the universe either, if there is even one. Why would they lie about so much? What is their goal? They want to get rid of anything that would convince people that there is a God in heaven. They want to erase God and hence erase any possibility for anyone to get saved and escape hellfire. When you look at it from this perspective, everything they are doing makes sense.





  1. Yes, it is true what you say in this post. Several years ago, I was led to study deeply the origins of NASA, the claims they (and others since Galileo) make as it relates to our cosmology and boy, was it an eye opener, what I learned! I studied for about a year, really, listening to many people discuss facts (before many sights were shut down) rather than photo shopped pictures and aligning what God says our earth and cosmos are like instead of the lies. What a shocker! To me, it is one of the biggest lies and helped me to open my eyes to many other supposed truths we've been programmed to believe. And yes, MaryLu, you are so right in saying it is to undo everything and anything that points to God, including we being made in the image of God for relationship with Him through Jesus only. The enemy of our soul and God's creation knows his days are numbered and this chess game that has been ongoing is now down to the last few moves in his attempt to be worshipped and dethrone God as well as destroy all that God made and said it is good....Just look at how the enemy is trying to destroy our natural immunity through spike proteins carrying messenger rna to destroy our natural DNA, look at how perversion has accelerated to the point that even common sense science as to what biology says is a male/female is being pushed on us as well as all the efforts to destroy marriage, families, through programming on tv, video games, etc. We are so close to the last 7 years in which all prophecy says the last big battle between God and Satan and his minions occur and we, as His children must be prepared for what is coming, stay strong and be over comers by the word of our testimony and the blood of the lamb until Jesus comes to get us all. Thank you for the series you posted above, as it can be used to help open eyes. For those seeking truth, anyway.
    May God continue to bless and keep you. Thank you for being a soldier on the front lines!

    1. Thank you, Susan! God Bless you for being someone who investigates things and doesn't just take what they are told as truth! So few are like that.. I think if people really knew about NASA, they'd be mortified. I have to admit to being shocked at many things I've learned these past few years.. about European History, Dinosaurs, a Pre-adamic race, the Satanic origins of the Catholic church, the UN, the European Union.. even the wars we've fought in.. all started on purpose. Even the founding of this great nation. Anyway I could go on. And now, like you said, they are trying to kill people, destroy the family... anything that reminds them of God. Knowledge is power and God said that His people perish for a lack of knowledge. Blessings sent to you and your family!