Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Musings: EveryOne Born of God Overcomes the World!

Dear Invaluable, Greatly Loved, Remnant Saints of the Most High!

It would appear that a part of the world is waking up to this great Covid/Vaccine deception. Documents are being released that show conspiracy at the highest levels, including our beloved Fauci (who knew?) Reports are coming out that it is the fully vaccinated who appear to be filling hospitals and dying on the streets, including many healthy athletes. Though I'm sure the Globalists are doing their best to hide the numbers, Life Insurance companies as well as funeral homes are telling a different story. Deaths have skyrocketed. Skeptics might say these are all due to Covid, but with over half the population vaccinated, why are the deaths going up and not down?  Even the Pfizer CEO admits that the vaccines aren't working. And now the Supreme Court has ruled that private business vaccine mandates are unconstitutional! Yay! That is surely a victory to be celebrated. I do wonder about those who work for the government and the military. Has anyone heard about that? And of course health care workers are not exempt, which breaks my heart. I believe we will soon experience a shortage of health care professionals, either dead from the vaccine or those who have quit because of the mandate.

The vaccines are killing people. The evidence is overwhelming. But why would they want to kill so many people? This is where things get hard to understand. It's called evil, and it's a hard thing for most normal people to wrap their heads around... that there are people who want to depopulate the earth and they are doing this on purpose, that they have planned this for centuries. If you have read the Bible, especially the book of Revelation, then you know that this is supposed to happen. This kind of Satanic evil exists and those who follow Lucifer will have their rule over this planet, but only for 7 years. Then Jesus, the Lion of Judah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will return, toss them all in the Lake of Fire, and rule and reign here for a thousand years!  

Despite the truth being seeped out here and there, they are still mandating these vaccines in many places. In parts of Canada, they are taxing the unvaxxed. My friend in Germany says things are pretty much off limits for the unvaxxed and I know that's true in parts of Australia, Austria and other countries. Here in California, my governor has promised to send teams door to door to vaccinate people (I won't be answering my door) And let me not forget that there's a bill before the Washington Legislature that would incarcerate the unvaxxed in concentration...whoops, I mean quarantine camps. Such camps seem to be popping up everywhere. Hmm. It would appear they have plans to lock people up in the future. Meanwhile, prices are soaring, and food is scarce. But Jesus told us this would happen. What I don't understand is why most Christians don't see it.

Did you know they are turning on 5G this month? I am hearing it has something to do with the graphene they have injected into people through the vaccine. Will we see a lot more deaths or maybe people just getting sick or going crazy? I have no idea. There are many days when I wonder what to believe or who to believe anymore. Ah, yes, Jesus is the truth. He is the only one we should believe. 

So, how will these Satan worshiping Globalists react to their secrets being exposed? Many are predicting they will unleash another more deadly disease, or perhaps start World War 3, or initiate a fake Alien invasion? Anything to distract from their evil agenda. 

But the truth is, we who know Jesus and who abide in Him don't need to worry about any of this. We need to keep aware of what's going on so we will not be deceived (hence, the reason for these Friday posts) but we should NOT DWELL on these things. Our main focus should be on our Savior and on things above. Remember, we are not of this world. We do not belong here. When we gave our lives to Jesus, we became a different sort of being.. a new creature. You may look the same on the outside (or even older) but you are a walking eternal child of God. NOTHING can harm you or your loved ones as long as you walk in the light. Nothing and no one can snatch you from the Father's hand. But you must stay there, abiding in Him. 
We know with confidence that anyone born of God does not habitually sin; but Jesus who was born of God carefully keeps and protects him, and the evil one does not touch him. We know for a fact that we are of God, and the whole world around us lies in the power of the evil one opposing God and His precepts. 1 John 5:18-19 Amp

It should come as no surprise, then, that the world is pure evil and increasingly growing more and more evil. But God keeps and protects us! And we, through Jesus, have already overcome this world!  Rest in that!

For everyone born of God is victorious and overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has conquered and overcome the world—our continuing, persistent faith in Jesus the Son of God. 1 John 5:4 Amp

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  1. Yet another, Excellent and Informative Friday Prophecy Update! Thank you so much. The world is inundated with events and signs that we are at the very END of the age, evil is saturating the world. The wonderful news is, While it seems the world is falling apart everything is really falling into place for the return of our Lord and Savior, King JESUS. Soon and very soon we are going to the Wedding of the LAMB and will be forever with Him in Eternal Joy!! MARANATHA!!

    1. Amen, Ron!! We, who know Jesus, have hope and that hope will soon be realized! Can't wait!

  2. My weapon is worship, and that is what I will do until Jesus comes and gets me...and then forevermore. I watched a clip of the president yelling yesterday. Looks like the pressure's on. Expect retaliation. As for the Executive Order for federal employees, that's still on, sadly. I don't see them removing it in this administration...or ever. This hurts my husband and daughter, but I'm praying for them. The next three months will get weirder. But God is greater.

    1. Worship is the best weapon, Katy! I join you in that. Yes, Biden is definitely putting on the v pressure and yes, government employees and medical people are still required.. my daughter is impacted too. I'm sorry for your family. I believe something major may happen in the next 3 months.. We shall see. Keep our eyes on Jesus!