Friday, November 18, 2022

Friday Musings: The Flood Begins

Dear Holy and Mighty Saints,

Another week full of so many prophetic things happening, I can't list them all here.  Many of you may have already heard about the COP27, The United Nations Climate Change conference held in Eqypt  Some say, and I can't verify this, that they actually wrote down their new commandments and smashed the tablet on Mt. Sinai in a mockery of the Bible. I also heard from a woman who had a dream that behind the scenes of this conference, the Antichrist was crowned in a secret ceremony. Now, I know that sounds crazy, but this woman appears to be very Godly. I get a sense she is speaking truth, but then again, it was only a dream. If true, it would make sense. This happened on November 11th, which is the day the flood started in Noah's time. Hmm  Either way, I sense this COP27 has massive implications prophetically.

I encourage you to watch this 20 minute video showing the opening ceremony at the 2022 CommonWealth Games in England.  You will be shocked. These Satanists are not hiding anymore. 


Of course we all heard about the missiles that landed in Poland, killing 2 people. My guess is they wanted to blame this on Russia in order to start WW3. Poland is a NATO ally and the other NATO allies are required to defend her. But it backfired in their faces when after investigating, it was determined that the missiles had been fired from Ukraine. Don't worry, they'll find another reason to start ww3.  Perhaps the Lord has given us a little more time.

I'm sure you've heard about the biggest political scandal in hundreds of years. Billions of our Tax dollars that were sent to Ukraine for "aid" were instead, laundered through Crypto and sent back to fund the Democrats campaigns.  Think anything will be done about it?  Was anything done about Hunter's laptop? Biden's family corruption? Hillary's destruction of thousands of emails? I could go on.

Speaking of our corrupt nation, are you awake yet? See how they stole the election once again? Do you think they won't do that in 2024? (Hopefully, we won't be here) Think Trump will save us? He's just one of them, playing the role of the good cop. Our nation is evil... has been for a long time. I've really been asking the Lord about this recently... and he keeps reminding me of all the pagan statues in D.C., the obelisk which is the god Horus's male part.. and the capital building, which is the womb of Osiris. The Statue of liberty is also a goddess. The only good thing about this nation was our Constitution and Bill of Rights which were based on Biblical principles AND the large amount of Christians who lived here over the years. They are ripping up the first thing and the American church is completely apostate now. So, I ask you, why would God bless us? Why would He restore us?  Along those lines, you may be interested in the following articles. If you follow one of these people, STOP!

 False Prophets

Aside from all of this, there's been much talk about Digital currency in combination with health passports. There's also talk of Climate lockdowns.  What could go wrong?  Along the pestilence front, there are some staggering articles below that list the number of people dying from the Vaccines. Blew my mind. Whatever you do, do not take any of their shots.  

Seeing shortages in your stores? It will get worse. Best to stock up on canned goods and storables like rice now. Yes, the Lord is coming, and Yes, He will take care of us, but He also expects us to be wise. 
And then there's war. ongoing and ready to escalate. China is still threatening to unleash on Taiwan, Israel is preparing for battle with Iran, North Korea keeps testing missiles. The world is a powder keg.

Immorality is rampant. Apostasy has taken over the church. Some of the articles below will shock you. Speaking of Apostasy and Immorality, so many of my "Christian" friends, both online and off, watch movies or shows that not long ago would have been rated X.  Now, they call it TVMA. I'm talking about people who are Christian authors, others who are deacons in their church. It blows my mind. Now, I know there isn't that much decent programming anymore on TV, but either turn it off or find an old show to watch. I continually get shocked when I hear Christians mention some great series they are watching like Reacher, Yellowstone, Game of Thrones, The Crown, etc. These shows are filled with nudity, sex, and blasphemy. So, I'm asking the  Lord about all of this in the car the other day. Am I just some religious prude, a Pharisee? Because that's how I come across to these people. And you know what the Lord did. He gave me three verses. 

Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.
1 Peter 1:16

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
Philippians 4:8

The eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is clear [spiritually perceptive, focused on God], your whole body also is full of light [benefiting from God’s precepts]. But when it is bad [spiritually blind], your body also is full of darkness [devoid of God’s word].
Luke 11:34 AMP

I'm guessing the Lord's answer is that we as His followers should not be watching filth. I don't care how good it is. I'm a story lover. Believe me, I love to watch period pieces. But not if it displeases my King. 

But, MaryLu, you give a lot of bad news in these posts!  Yes, but this news is meant to open your eyes to how close we are to the Tribulation and how close we are to our Lord's return. Most of the OT prophets only gave bad news to the people, warning them to repent and turn back to God before it's too late. 

Okay enough said. Here's the news. 

V and V

Famine/Financial collapse
Earth Groaning/Weather Manipulation


  1. And this is the calm before the storm. It's only going to get worse from here. Be encouraged that we are witnesses to the end times not participants. Thank you Marylu for continuing to keep us informed of all the latest developments and prophecies being fulfilled. God bless you and protect you 🙏. Pam

    1. Thank you, Pam. Yes we are witnesses, but God's mighty hand of protection is on us until He snatches us home! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Frightening, to say the least, but the Lord has said not to be afraid. I trust in His word. This earth is scary. Heaven is not. Be safe, wonderful watchmen of what lies ahead.!!

    1. Keep your eyes on Jesus and no fear will be allowed to enter you. That's what I try to do, though I slip now and then when I read the news. But who cares what the enemy's plans are? Our God has already won the victory!


  3. I am, or should I say, was your granddaughter’s third grade teacher for a little while, and I just found out that you are an author. I love reading, and I think it’s very cool that you are in author especially in the genre of historical fiction. I just purchased “She Walks in Power” audiobook.

    1. Miss Chelle? I'm sorry if I'm spelling your name wrong. Andrea adores you. I'm so sorry for your recent illness. I am signing a paperback of She Walks in Power for you and I'll give it to Crystal. I hope you enjoy the audio. I hired a fabulous actress. You may find my blog a bit different from my writing. The Lord tasked me with being a watchman for His soon return! Anyway, God Bless you!!

  4. Lol MaryLu you are certainly not a prude and definately not a pharisee ! lol. I think we can all feel the same at times especially when we get in discussions with the super intelligent liberals like I did a fews weeks ago. We got in a conversation about government and religion. He seemed to be able to refute everything I was saying, yet I knew I was right according to scripture. He verified everything he was saying on "Facts Checker", and when he did that I busted out laughing !!! I said, Burt, you dont trust everything you look up on facts checker to be true, do you ? He said, oh absolutely ! All along I thought Burt was genuinely smart. Lol, he is only as smart as his facts checkers says he is.
    That video on the 2022 Games, with the bull was eye popping. I'm posting it ! Well I figure if the god of twitter can unblock lying Trump, I ought to be able to post some truth !!! Hey that sounded sarcastic ? I think your rubbing off on me MaryLu :)
    May our Gracious God keep you in all grace as we wait !

    1. Yes, I live with a highly intelligent pHD who can refute everything I say. LOL So, I get it. God didn't give me an analytical mind that remembers lots of data, but God gave me wisdom and discernment from above the ability to see the big picture from a Biblical perspective.. but that isn't respected by intellectuals. God calls the wise of this world fools. yeah, that video was incredible. To me, I wondered if anyone but true Christians could even see what it was all about? Only those with eyes to see. Blessings! :-)

  5. I am replying to this post a little late but I have to say(admit) to watching The Crown. As a strong Christian I recognize the inappropriate content in The Crown but I was interested in the history. It especially shows Prince Phillip’s Nazi family history and rough upbringing- which influenced now King Charles.
    I am now on Season 3 and have only seen one bad scene- which is one too many. On the other hand, I have learned so much I never knew about the royal family and their history. It shows how hard Queen Elizabeth’s job was. The sex scene involves the man Princess Margaret married- she had a rough life too, and died young. Overall I think the series shows being a rich royal isn’t as great as Hallmark makes it out to be.😁
    Thanks for all the info!
    Blessings, BevH

    1. Bev, what you watch is all up to you and the Holy Spirit. I don't judge anyone. If you feel it is something the Lord doesn't take issue with for you, then by all means. I have not seen The Crown, though I checked out the parental guide. But since I haven't seen it, I really can't say. Just let the Holy Spirit be your guide! Blessings!