Friday, July 29, 2022

Friday Musings: You Are A Privileged Generation!

 Dear Exceedingly Precious Saints,

I must admit that lately I've been a little discouraged seeing so many predicted Rapture dates pass. I've been interested in End Times for over 25 years, but only in the past six years have I really started to watch intently and study all the signs. Part of that meant watching You tube videos of other watchers to see what they were saying and also some "self-proclaimed" prophets. Over the years, the Lord has given me enough discernment to discard the false ones and focus in on the few who I know speak His Truth. Even so, we are all human, and even a prophet can inadvertently put his own spin on a Word he gets from the Lord, based on his own personal desires. For instance, someone who has the gift of evangelism might interpret a Word from the Lord to mean that a Revival will be coming. Another, who only wants to be raptured, could interpret the same Word as the rapture is imminent! Someone else who has a ministry the Lord has said would grow bigger before the rapture would look at the same Word very differently. In essence, what I am trying to say is humans are fallible, even good and Godly humans.  
Though I have tried not to misinterpret anything I hear or learn from the Lord here, I have no doubt done so. I know I have mentioned that surely the rapture would happen in a certain year, and then it didn't, and I may have said that about this year. I do still think that's a high possibility, but I'm not saying anything definitive. Why? Because the last thing I want to do is get someone's hopes up only to be crushed. While it's exciting to look at all the signs and see how close we are, in truth, we have no idea how this will all play out.  All we know is what we read in the Scriptures about how the world will look at the time of the rapture. And it just so happens we live in that exact world! So, we know we are close!  

And that's the point. Those of you reading this who belong to Jesus are the most blessed of any generation who ever lived. With the exception of the time Jesus was here on earth (and only a few saw Him) we are the people who will hear the Trumpet, the shoot of an angel and the voice of our Lord calling us home. We will have a split second to register what's happening before we fly through the air, our mortal bodies instantly transformed into glorious immortality. For centuries to come, people in the Kingdom will want to know what it was like, where were we, what were we thinking and doing, how bad was it on earth before we left, etc..  I know I've mentioned all this before but not until recently has it really sunk in.

We may look around and complain about the evil in the world and maybe even the state of our own lives. We may even get a little fearful at what we see, perhaps angry at the injustice, the crime and violence. But what did we expect to see right before the rapture? Picnics and roses? We live in the most exciting times ever in all of the history of the church, except perhaps the early church. To be counted in the rapture generation! I mean, it's a huge privilege.  We should spend each day praising our Father for allowing us to be here for such a time as this. What an honor! And it is with that joy we need to go out and help bring as many as we can with us. Yes, there is much evil, but that only means there are more opportunities than ever to reveal the Light.

So whenever the rapture occurs, this year or not, it doesn't matter. When it happens, it will be in God's perfect timing. The main thing is that we get up each day, watch and pray, and go about His business, however that looks to each of us. I remember before my mother died and she was basically unable to walk, she told me she felt useless to the Lord. What could she do anymore? I asked her if she could still pray. To which she smiled and replied, "Yes!". Don't ever discount the importance of prayer!

The news this week is much the same. Bad. There's a ton of saber rattling going on between Israel and Iran, lots of threats made. Also Pelosi has planned a trip to Taiwan this August and the Chinese are threatening war if she does. Interesting. Then there's Iran and Israel with Hezbollah getting in the mix. Tons of threats of immediate war. Let's not leave out Kim Jung Un, the dwarf dictator in North Korea who is now threatening the United States with Nukes. So, yes, I believe World War is imminent and could quite possibly break out on all these fronts simultaneously. 

Meanwhile, regarding the Depopulation Agenda, More and more people are being maimed or dying from the vaccine. I've seen countless videos on TikTok, etc of people maimed and injured after they took the vaccines and boosters, crying out for revenge. Dozens of young, otherwise healthy people drop dead every week. And now we have Monkeypox. Goodie.

Let's not forget that Russia and China have announced a new Global currency to replace the dollar. What could go wrong? Did you know our government through "charities" is handing out 400-800 dollar credit cards BEFORE the illegals even reach the border with the promise they will get that amount each month after they arrive? What a great use of our tax dollars. We are being invaded. God only knows how many foreign operatives and terrorists, not to mention nukes, have crossed our border. Speaking of nukes, NYC seems to be preparing their people for a nuclear bomb, as once again they are telling New Yorkers to have an evacuation plan.

Ranchers who can't afford to feed cattle are liquidating them, farmers are selling their land to globalists , including China, and respected economists are predicting a global depression.  Then again, who cares? The aliens have come to our rescue as tons of weird lights and phenomena are seen over US skies. 
You can find all this news below if you're interested. I wanted to cut back on the links this week, but there were just so many good ones!

Prophetic: This is what I'm hearing from highly respected Godly people with prophetic gifts. Look for major trouble coming to the US starting this fall and particularly November and going through Spring 2023. I don't know what, in particular, but I can guess perhaps famine and economic collapse, an EMP or isolated nuclear bombs, a new more deadly virus, or perhaps an enemy invasion. People will be desperate for basic necessities and looking for answers. There will be much fear and civil unrest for those who don't know the Lord. "Focus will shift to the economies of Europe and Asia" and there will be much turmoil in Europe. The Lord will use these disasters to bring many to Himself. He is desperate to save as many as He can. Home churches will spring up everywhere and in that environment revivals will occur, including an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders. This is the Lord's final boarding call to bring in the Lost and Lukewarm. Across the US, there will be pockets of destruction and pockets of revival. During this time, you are not to fear, for the Lord has promised to protect His Bride. Ask Him where He can use you best to help save the Lost and then go be about His business.

 Many of you may not know much about the UN. What I'm learning is that is and always has been Satanic. If you want proof, read this article.
The V and V
Russia and China announce a new Global Reserve Currency   -  which means it ain't the US dollar anymore 

Famine/Economic Collapse
Signs in the Sky
Earth Groaning/Weather Manipulation



  1. Kathy Pitts SmithJuly 29, 2022 at 8:53 AM

    Heard about this today. Have you? :

    I also have a question. A "save believer in Christ" asked me the other day if I knew of any way that a "saved" person could lose their salvation? She tends to believe that "once saved, always saved" no matter what. I tend to believe that if one distances themselves away from Christ into satanism or studying of demons and such, one could possibly lose their salvation by denying Christ, even though they were once "saved." Is there anything I can tell her?? I don't want to argue the point with her. She quoted a scripture from Timothy, but I want to know your thoughts before I delve more into the subject. Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes, I did see the new "line" city. Horrible. To answer your question. yes, the Bible is clear that someone can lose their salvation but I believe from Scriptures that it would take a deliberate decision and act to jump out of Jesus's hand. If you can wait until Sunday, I'd be happy to pull out several Scriptures for you that would prove this. For starters Read Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10 and 2 Peter 2:20-22. There are a ton more

    2. Kathy Pitts SmithJuly 29, 2022 at 11:55 AM

      Thank you. I can wait until Sunday. My email is if you prefer to use that method. I appreciate your help! Have a great weekend!

    3. Kathy, check out tomorrow's post. All is explained there!

  2. Dear Sister in Christ and Daughter of the Most High God,
    I have followed this site for only a short time. I dont follow many. But I have been encouraged over and over by these posts, as I think we all have been. You have worked tirelessly to keep us up to date on hidden news we might otherwise miss. To Keep us informed on current changes around the world. To bring to light, I like the word "expose" the plans of the globalists. This job of yours is often times unrewarding and unappreciated . But we appreciate you Sister ! So I will let Jesus's words comfort you, John 14: 1“Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe in Me as well. 2In My Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?…
    Berean Study Bible · ,,,,,,,, So be encouraged MaryLu.
    The script tell us, and you remind us that the signs of the end will come with increased wickedness of mens hearts. But Romans 5 encourages us with these words from Jesus Himself ; 20 The law came in so that the trespass would increase; but where sin increased, grace increased all the more, 21so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.…,,,,,,,,, And I believe this is the message you bringing MaryLu.
    I stand on Matt 24: 35Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away. 36 No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.
    I say this because over the last few years I have shut out ALL but a select few prophets and ministers. If I want to know what God is saying, first I pray, then I read script, and study it, just me and the Holy Spirit. Then and only then I might discuss what I believe with someone I trust. But what I have seen in churches more and more bring this script to mind " Let God be true and every man a liar" and Isa 53: 6We all like sheep have gone astray, each one has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all.
    Sadly many ministers seek pomp , popularity, and oh no, prosperity ! They seek their own gain and to prophet through God's word. Very sad, and this way is growing rapidly.
    Your job MaryLu, as a truth bearer, brings a lot of criticism and little reward from men, at least this side of heaven.
    Matt 5: 11Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you.

    So be encouraged MaryLu and be sure God is pleased with your faithfulness. See ya in Heaven, soon !

    1. Thank you, Joe!!! YOu are always such a joy and a blessing to me!