Monday, September 21, 2020

Why are we still here?

Many believers who are watching for the return of our Lord hoped that this past weekend would see our hopes realized in the Great Appointed Feast, Yom Teruah! The Feast of Trumpets. I've written about this feast before and you can find all sorts of information on the internet about it's connection to the Rapture.  To be honest, my hopes were up as well, yet I have felt for awhile deep in my spirit that the rapture will not occur on an "expected" day.  

Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. Matthew 24:44

However, if we are walking close to Jesus, we should know the "season"

But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness.  1 Thess 5:4-5
I believe with all my heart that we are in the "Season".  If this is a new concept to you, please refer to the articles linked at the top of this blog "21 Signs of the Return of Jesus" and "2020 Rapture?"  But will we know the exact day or hour?  Jesus said we wouldn't, and yet many believe He was referring to the Feast of Trumpets when He said that because that Feast is known as a feast in which no one knows the day or hour it begins. Why? Because it depends on the first sighting of the new moon. But I digress. 

Personally, I don't think things are bad enough for the rapture to happen. Based on Biblical examples such as Noah, Lot, and Rahab, they were rescued at the last minute before God's judgement came down from heaven. Personally, I believe that the rapture will only happen when things look so bad that we start to wonder if we will survive before Jesus comes to get us!  I'm not trying to scare anyone, but it's quite Biblical to believe this. The word used for the rapture in 1 Thess 4 is the greek word, harpazō, which means to seize by force, to snatch out of the way.  Th seize or snatch out of the way of what? Of incoming judgement and disaster!  
Therefore, I think things are going to get worse, much worse, but, based on what we are currently seeing,  I don't think that's going to take much time.  A thought recently occurred to me (I have no idea if this is just me or from the Lord)  about a certain day that may hold promise for our being seized! (By the way, I don't mind being seized by force at all, as long as it's Jesus doing the seizing!)  

What would be the one day each year, the single one day, that you would LEAST expect the rapture to occur? Think about it. What is the most evil day of the year? The day Satan and all his minions are celebrating and are out and about causing havoc? 

Halloween. I find it very interesting that in recent dreams Dana Coverstone and by another young lady, whose name I forget, October 31st has been pointed out as being important.  So, I decided to do a little research on Halloween. Here are some interesting facts

  1. Halloween is celebrated all over the world
  2. Customs of Halloween are believed to have come from the Celtic holiday of Samhain which is celebrated from October 31st-November to mark the "end of the harvest season" and the beginning of the "darker half" of the year. They believe the souls of the dead return home on that night. There are many rituals associated that I won't mention. Most are pagan and demonic. 
  3. Halloween is also a Catholic holiday known as All Hallow's Eve, which is followed on November 1st by All Saints Day, which is a day to remember saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed. This was instituted by Pope Gregory III in the 1st century.
A few things struck me. 
  • The end of the Harvest season 
  • The beginning of darkness
  • The faithful departed. 
 I realize that Halloween is a pagan holiday and filled with evil, and while I don't agree with all the Catholic dogma and holidays, I found it very interesting that it is a day to celebrate departed saints!  Wouldn't it just be like our Lord to take us out of here during the devil's most celebrated holiday? That sure would put a damper on that holiday for him in the future!
We all know things are going to get worse in the USA and the World. We know there will most likely be another wave of Covid and an even worse lockdown. We know that here in the USA we are entering a period of civil war due to the upcoming election. We know there are forces and powerful people trying to destroy this country and form a one world government. We also know that the vaccine with all it's technology in the form of chips and/or hydrogel and/or RNA and nanobots will eventually become the Mark of the Beast.  We can see all the signs around us and we know our Savior is coming. He says he's coming on a day we least expect. I think Halloween is a good candidate. I'm NOT setting a date. I just thought it was fun exercise to put it out there as a possibility. 

In the meantime, Let's be about our Father's business, whatever it is that He has called you to do to further His kingdom and get people saved! I cry for the lost every day and beg for God's mercy. "Open their eyes, Lord! Open their eyes!" If they only knew how little time they had. Even if all you can do each day is pray! Pray hard!  God answers the prayers of the righteous!!  


  1. So bummed He didn't come on Friday/Sat...

    1. Don't be discouraged. He WILL come soon.. and it will be the perfect time! In the meantime, He has things He needs you to do. :-)

    2. The planet is actually Jupiter it’s Saturns rings around it! Look at close up pictures!

  2. Hi MaryLu, a couple more interesting articles to lend credence to your speculation here:

    Like you and Unknown above I was hoping for this past weekend, but Jesus is a God of surprises. And I keep thinking He wants to surprise us, even those of us carefully watching, with joyful union in the air. Keep holding on, my sisters, the party is coming!

    1. Thank you! That's an excellent article from Lyn Melvin! And I love that there will be a full moon on Halloween! A blue moon.. a rare moon. I guess we have only a month to wait and find out! We are close. Don't lose heart!

  3. Thank you for your thoughts on this. Still doing God's business. Carrying on until the day He arrives.

  4. 28 September 2020 - Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)
    Is the Jewish day of repentance, considered to be the holiest and most solemn day of the year.

  5. I too get frustrated or discouraged when the Lord tarries. Every where you look evil just seems like it’s running rampant. Especially this year. Some days it feels like a nightmare that you can’t wake up from. BUT... I also get to see God work in amazing ways! People who are scared and confused about what’s going on are coming to the Lord in droves. It’s so much fun to get to witness to people and share the gospel during this time. Thank you MaryLu for caring enough to reach out and keep these blogs and posts going. You bring to light things I may have never discovered for myself. I will be looking up (well everyday :D) on Yom Kippor and Halloween as well! I know it’s super close! I just have to remind myself that God still has jobs for us to do!