Monday, September 11, 2023

9-11 was a Satanic Sacrifice


 I mourn the loss of thousands of lives on this day 22 years ago. The entire incident was horrifying as millions of Americans watched what they thought was Islamic Extremists flying planes into the World Trade Center buildings.  I have since learned that all of that was false. Were there real terrorists flying those planes with the intent to do jihad on America? Possibly. They were just pawns in the game. Regardless, there's no way the buildings would have collapsed like they did by the impact. No way. There are countless testimonies by engineers who say that would never have happened. On the contrary, the way the buildings went down looked more like purposeful demolition.  This was perpetrated by our own government. Why?  To have an excuse to go to war, to recover oil from Iraq and start the war on terrorism which has cost countless lives and made billions for the Military Industrial Complex, along with the dozens of companies here who profit from war. It's all about the money and the power, you see.  Bush was in on it, of course, having kids repeat words from a book at the same time the planes supposedly hit "Plane hits steel". Then he gave the kids a book called My Pet Goat. The Goat is a symbol of Satan.
In addition, Satan requires sacrifices. He mimics God in every way, trying to be God, but instead of requiring animal sacrifices, he requires humans. Many of the tragedies we've seen in our lifetime that cost thousands of lives, including many of the  mass shootings, are all sacrifices to Satan by his followers. You can add to that the millions of abortions. 
I won't offer proof of these statements here. There's plenty of it online if you really want to know. I'm simply pointing out how evil our own government is, and has been for quite some time, probably back to the time the CIA killed Robert Kennedy. He was about to spill the beans on them, you see. And they couldn't have that. 
If you've never heard this before, you probably think I'm some conspiracy theorist. Go do your own homework with an open mind. The truth is painful but it's better than living in the matrix.  
Once you realize you've been lied to for so long and the world is not what you think it is, it's time to look up to your Creator, the one true and living God of the Bible. He is at war with your enemy Satan and has been since the beginning of time. Satan wants you dead. He wants to destroy your life and drag you to hell when you die. Don't let him.  If you want to be on the winning side and belong to a God who loves you without measure, click on the "how to be saved" link at the top of my blog. 
Time is short. Jesus is returning for His Children. Once we are gone, things are going to get far worse than you can imagine.  


  1. Sickening. My response when people call me a conspiracy theorist: “sure it’s a conspiracy, until it isn’t”, and then watch their dumbfounded expression as I list off multiple “conspiracies” that have come true.

  2. You mean it’s a theory until it isn’t