Friday, August 5, 2022

Friday Musings: War and Rumors of War!

Dear Precious Warriors of the Most High,
Today is the 9th of Av, an important day in the history of Israel because many bad things have happened on this day. In particular, on this exact day, both prior temples were destroyed. Look for something to occur in Israel... perhaps the start of a war? Things have certainly been heating up over there with Iran bragging about their nuclear abilities and Hezbollah threatening all out war.  Will something happen today? I guess we'll see. 
Of course you all know about Pelosi's trip to Taiwan and how China has been threatening, first to shoot her plane from the sky, and secondly to retaliate for such an affront. China has started "military drills" all around the island of Taiwan. For what purpose? I guess time will tell. One thing we do know for certain. China will attack the USA at some point. There have been too many dreams and visions and too many prophetic words to deny it. If we should go to war with China, Russia has promised to join, and believe me, we would be the losers in that exchange. Our military has been depleted on purpose, our weapons outdated, and the LBGTQ agenda has turned many warriors into wussies. In addition, the vaccine has crippled or killed many of them. All this was done on purpose because the powers that be must take down the United States in order to advance their Global World Government. So, I expect to see a war with China in our future. I just don't know when.  
We are going to see some trouble before we leave. I cannot say what that trouble is, but I'm hearing people I trust all say the same thing. Godly people who do not know each other.  Persecution is coming, and also something that will cause death and destruction and fear in this nation. Whatever this is, once it starts and progressively gets worse, you may start to think that Jesus isn't coming. He wants you to know that is not the case! During this time, we are to go out and witness to as many as we can, family and friends, and anyone else the Holy Spirit leads us to. Don't be afraid or intimidated. The Lord is with you and will give you the words. He is preparing these people now to receive the truth. Some will even give their lives to Him on their death beds. The main thing the Lord wants you to know is that you are not to fear. No matter what you see or hear, this is the hour you are to walk by faith and not sight. He will empower you to do His work. And He is coming! He will rescue you in the nick of time. So, I want to be comforted by these words. Prepare yourself now by getting as close to the Lord and staying in His Word. Ask Him to increase your faith. Ask Him to lead you to what you are to do. Then rest in Him!  This is not a time for fear, but for rejoicing, for we are soon to go home.
I'm posting below a paragraph from the US HHS (Health and Human Services Website) from their PDF listing their 2023 budget. I'm including a link here to the PDF if you wish to see it for yourself. The Bold lettering s my doing. This is what they are planning for next year. Mandatory Vaccines. Right from their own documents.
The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of
vaccines and prevention. Long-standing, deep
disparities exist in adult vaccination coverage based on
race and ethnicity, particularly among Black and
Hispanic populations. HHS includes in this budget the
Vaccines for Adults program, a new mandatory
modeled after the existing Vaccines for
Children program,
to provide uninsured adults with
access to vaccines recommended by the Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices. The budget
further expands the existing Vaccines for Children
program to include all children under age 19 enrolled in
the Children’s Health
Insurance Program. These
mandatory investments complement the investments
in CDC’s discretionary Section 317 Immunization
program included in the FY 2023 budget
In the Tribulation, it will become obvious who the sides are in the battle for human souls. God and the Devil. People will know that both exist. To that end, we would expect to see more and more people coming out admitting that they worship Satan or actually preforming worship ceremonies in his honor. To much of the world who has bought into Atheism and Evolution, this will seem inconsequential.  But to us, we cringe, rebuke, and stand firm on the Rock that is Jesus. There will be no atheists in the Tribulation. There will be 2 sides and people will know which side they choose.

I want you to see this opening ceremony for the Queen's Commonwealth Games in Birmingham England The video is only a couple minutes long but it's important for you to see that they are opening worshiping Satan right in front of our eyes.  In addition Beyonce has dedicated her new album to Satan and his fallen angels. You can't make this stuff up. They are no longer hiding who they worship. This is a sure sign we are close to then end.

Prophetic - I highly recommend reading this. You'll be shocked at how accurate this vision was
 We already know hospitals were paid for Covid Patients, but this is insane. No wonder we had in influx of "Covid" patients the past 2 years. Yet the deaths from the vaccine continue to rise. Five doctors in Canada all dropped dead in the same week when they took the vaccine. Children who've been given it are dying or their hearts permanently damaged. And now they want us to take a monkeypox vaccine? Stay away from your doctor. Maybe their hearts are in the right place, but they've been trained only to prescribe drugs, not to actually heal patients. God can heal you from head to toe. Eat right and trust Him!

I limited the number of articles to only ones that I felt were important.
The V and V
Chinese tanks massing on shores of Fujian The Chinese military is currently deploying DF-5B (Dongfeng-5B) ballistic missiles in Fujian province (Taiwan Strait).
πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€The DF-5B missile is known to have a range of up to 13,000km, while the Taiwan Strait is only a maximum of 180km wide, so why should they move it close to the Taiwan Strait?
Famine/Economic collapse

World Government Accelerated !



  1. Hey MaryLu, I love the pic and the Lion of the tribe of Judah getting ready to ROAR !!!!!!!!!!
    That bull worship video is revolting, especially because it resembles the sacred bull on Wall Street !
    I have always been of the mind that we, the elect, will see really hard stuff before the Lord lifts us outa here ! I base my understanding on Matt 24:1-35 ( but really right thru chap 25).
    We see the disciples come to Jesus and ask Him when the end will come. Jesus tells them about wars, being persecuted, false prophets, etc. Verse 15 Jesus say's "so when you see" (indicating they will see) standing in the Holy place, the abomination......
    I have heard the argument that this event already happened in the days of the disciple's. And certainly their time was a time of persecution. But I am of the mind that maybe Jesus was speaking to them and to the future generations of disciples that was about to be birthed ?
    Also v22 If those day's had not been cut short no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect (us) those day's will be shortened.,,,,, Now after Jesus say's all this, then he time stamps the order of events in v30-31 Then the Son of Man will come with His Angels and gather His elect. That has always been my view MaryLu. What do you think ?
    May His presence surround you Sister.

    1. I am of the opinion that the Tribulation lasts 7 years just like the Scriptures say and that the Antichrist can't even appear and start wreaking havoc until the church is gone. I have seen too much evidence from the Scripture to think otherwise... though I know many people have a mid-trib position and some even post trib.... which is great. I allow that I could be wrong and I ask the Lord to show me if I am. The Jews saw Antiochus Epiphenes stand in the temple and sacrifice a pig on the altar (a precursor of the Antichrist defiling the temple as well) And the Jews will see that as well when it happens. It's important to remember that the Tribulation is all about the Jews and saving the remnant of God's chosen. So yes, they will see the Abomination of Desolation... I don't believe Jesus was talking to His church in that passage... The verse that says He will come with His angels and gather His elect (from the four corners of Heaven) is the 2nd coming.. This is my understanding, Joe.. But like I said, we all could be wrong and it could go down like none of us expect!! Blessings to you, Joe!! .

    2. MaryLu, I value your opinion. I know hard hard you study and seek the Lords counsel. I know there are so many thoughts on how and when about the end times. I agree with you that the church will be saved from the Tribulation. My thoughts are not that we will experience all. We read pre trib, mid trib, post trib,. I guess I have my own 4th idea, that we will see many of the signs, but will be taken up before the worst of it. So I guess my thought is pre, mid trib :~). Blessings MaryLu. Oh and if it is pre trib, grab me on the way by will ya !

    3. I hope my comment didn't come across as I know it all, because, believe me I don't. I have a feeling the Lord will surprise us as He loves to do! I do think He works in 7's though. It's His favorite number and we see it throughout Scripture.. but time will tell. I value your opinions too, Joe! Blessings!

    4. Never MaryLu. I hope I never do either No, I was sincere when I said I value your opinion. Now when I say I value, I mean I put stock in your opinion, and I never take it lightly. And I dont stand locked down on my view either. I know I can be a little rough around the edges. My favorite fb post is a guy who seems to be yelling at his wife, face all red, and the wife say's, Why are you yelling, his reply, I'm not yelling, I'm Italian !
      I really enjoy this blog. And I respect everyone's opinion here. It is clear that folks here really just want to know our precious Lord better. (accept maybe the response the other day about OSAS) lol. Ok lets not got there.
      May the peace and comforts of Christ our Savior guide us all in His Truth !

  2. I have felt such a heaviness this week. As much as I want to go home, I think we will be here through much devastation. But no matter what happens, I will still love Jesus.

    1. Katy, heaviness doesn't come from the Lord... I don't believe we will be here for "much" devastation.. just a little so we have time to witness to people who are wondering what is going on. Jesus loves you immensely.. He will not allow His bride to get beat up!! He wants to purify us and use us to bring in one last harvest. In my opinion, I don't think it will take long. Hang in there.. and think of your eternal future.. no way to feel heavy when you know what's in store for you!! Sending you a hug!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! It really helps me.
    I am sickened by all that is going on, and the insights you share help me understand it. I am just floored by people “celebrating” abortion and “pride”! I pray their eyes will be opened.
    I saw on the news they questioned a pro-life advocate (in a court setting, can’t remember what state it was- maybe Illinois) about a 12 year old victim of rape and incest and she still bravely told them abortion was wrong.

    Thanks MaryLu for your hard work! I am continuing to pray as led and also started sharing a worship song each week on my page!πŸ™Œ❤️
    Beverly H (not anonymous)

    1. Blessings to you, Beverly. I think as evil rises, we who walk in the light, will find it all too horrifying and shocking and grotesque because we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. What amazes me is how fast the evil seems to have risen.. or maybe it was always there, hiding in the shadows. Stay strong!! Cling to Jesus! Keep sharing about Him!

  4. Indiana- not Illinois- is the state that banned abortion, except for a very few cases.
    Just wanted to clear that up!

  5. May God Bless and keep each of you guys and gals. I love the truth and wisdom that is shared on this site. I am in agreement with Marylu that the church is gone before things get really bad but things will be worse than they are now before it happens. Hang Tough people we got this. Pam

    1. Thanks Pam! The Lord will be with us! I agree.. it's an exciting time for us to shine for Him!