Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday News: How to be Victorious in the Coming Days

 Dear Exceedingly precious Saints,

I gathered a few news articles below that may be of interest. I tried to choose things that most people would not come across, but as always use your discernment. I believe they all come from reliable sources.

I have heard two things from the Lord this week. One, I will put in an article I'm writing, which is a warning to the church, and the other is the following, which is something I've been hearing for a long while.

Only those who walk closely with Jesus are going to make it through the remaining days before the rapture. Things are coming that will test your faith to the limit. For example, have you ever not had any food in your fridge or in your cupboards? Have you ever had to completely trust in the Lord to provide? This is just one example of how our faith may be tested. Do you really believe God's Word that says He always provides for the righteous? How about the Scripture that says He will cover you with His wings and protect you? Will you believe Him when the bombs are falling, when your children are screaming? When rioting hits the streets and comes near your house?  What about when all your savings and everything in your portfolio is suddenly gone?

We here in the Western church have never really had our faith tested at that level, but it is coming. I don't know how much the Bride will see and I know we are not appointed to God's wrath, but I sense a real testing coming as the world plummets into the Beast System. The only way we are going to make it is by clinging to Jesus. I encourage you to get close to Him now while there's still time. Read the Bible. Don't just read a chapter here and there or a daily devotion. Commit to reading as much as you can each day. Commit to prayer. Commit to worship. And if you haven't been baptized in the Holy Spirit as spoken about in the New Testament, then get baptized now!  This is not the infilling of the Spirit at salvation, but a separate event that empowers you in the spirit realm. Think about the Disciples before and after Pentecost when they were all baptized in the Holy Spirit. Before they were timid, weak, frightened, all hiding so they wouldn't be arrested. After they were bold, courageous, and went about doing miracles, signs and wonders.  That's what the Baptism in the Holy Spirit does for you.

I love you all, my brothers and sisters. Thank you for your kind emails. Many have asked me about my health, and I will tell you that it is related to chronic insomnia, which I've suffered from for many years. I am trusting the Lord for healing, but in the meantime, I believe He wants me to take more time to rest in Him, which is what I'm trying to do. Hard for me because I'm a Type A personality! 
I pray the Lord makes His presence known to you in a powerful way this weekend and floods you with His peace and love! No matter how much longer we are here, what we suffer is nothing compared to an eternity with Jesus!  So, be strong, Saints!
Check out this picture taken from an FAA camera! This is real!

I also encourage you to watch this video I posted on my blog of a man street preaching and how he handled 2 cops who came to arrest him.
One last thing. I'm not a feminist. Of course I believe in equal rights for women and equal pay, but I believe the entire feminist movement was started and propagated by the Luciferian Globalists in an attempt to dismantle the family structure. The lady in this video explains it well.
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Clinical Trials for mRNA FLU shots underway. They will get you one way or another 

 Climate engineering
Posted about this last week

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Watch this Godly Man Almost get Arrested but then He Ends up Giving the Gospel!

 I just had to post this video.  This man goes out street preaching every weekend. What a wonderful example. Watch how he defuses the situation, yet remains firm and strong, and ends up telling the entire Gospel to the two policewomen!

Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Musings: Watchman, What of the Night?

Dear Protected and Greatly Loved Saints of the Most High!

I'm changing the format of this blog slightly for a few reasons. 1. I feel a tremendous urgency to complete the book I'm working on, When Angels Rejoice, and keeping up with this blog takes hours away from my writing, and 2. My health is suffering a little and I believe the Lord wants me to rest more than I do. I'm a type A personality who is always busy busy busy.. and it has taken its toll. So, my plan is to only post when the Lord gives me something to post such as a Word from Him, a Scripture, or some prophecy I've heard that I trust, and/or I have some news item that you may not see elsewhere as it relates to the lateness of the hour. 

The best way to stay in touch is to either 1. Sign up to receive my blog in your email  or 2. Just check back here regularly. If I post several little things during the week, I'll combine them all and send out a newsletter on Friday. If you don't hear from me by Saturday, it's because the Lord has not given me anything to post. I'm not sure we will be here in February when I hope to publish this book but I do believe that if I can get it out, it will be a great witnessing tool, especially for the left behind. So, my focus will be on Resting, Hearing from the Lord, and Writing. But please feel free to contact me at any time if you need prayer or help or a word of encouragement.  

The Trump Raid. All staged. Please watch this short video and you'll see what they are up to. Don't be deceived! Do you know what is trending on social media after the raid #EnoughIsEnough. Now look at this card from the Illuminati card deck created back in 1995.  They put Trump in to create Division. They put Biden in to foster more Division. It's all a staged act. Please Wake up!
I believe this raid is a huge step in starting a Civil War here in America. Look for false flag events blamed on Conservatives to inflame everyone to take up arms. By the way, this also proves (as if you didn't know) that the Republic of the United States is dead. 
IRS being turned into the Gestapo!
This is not a good sign. Why do IRS agents need guns? A friend sent this picture to me, which is a list of their duties.. but I will qualify it by saying that when I went to the IRS site, the part about Carrying a firearm and using deadly force had been removed. So, I cannot verify that this is true. But based on the number of weapons they are acquiring, I wouldn't be surprised.

Climate Engineering
I encourage you to spend an hour and listen to this interview with Dane Wigington talking about Climate Engineering. If you still need more proof, check out his documentary called The Dimming and check out his website. What's important to note is that they are purposely destroying the planet and the wildlife and crops.. while also showering us with lethal chemicals. Dane doesn't believe we have years but months until it all collapses.  They are doing this for 2 reasons. To kill people, to cause famine, and to prove their Global Warming "theory" so they can enact stricter laws. 

We know China will eventually attack Taiwan. They have promised as much and are surrounding the island as we speak. They know the US is weak and demoralized. They know our military has been depleted and our nation is run by a weak, brain-dead president (If that is even him we see on the TV).  It's just a matter of time. We also know Russia has allied with them, so any war we enter with China will include Russia. Of course this is what the Globalists want. Order out of chaos. Meanwhile in Israel, things are heating up. We know from Scripture that soon there will be an all-out war between Israel and a league of nations, including Russia. I keep my eyes on what's going on over there, but don't post much about it here. I suggest you follow Amir Tsarfati for daily updates. I didn't agree with him about the vaccine, but he's a good source for information going on in Israel. But please keep in mind, not all of Israel are God's people. Many "Jews" who comprise the government there are not Jews but of the synagogue of Satan. In fact, I believe Israel is going to be the center of the New World Government. 

Yes... lots of bad news. For the World, but not for the Church. The Gates of Hell will NOT PREVAIL against the Church.(Matthew 16:18)  We are to watch for the signs of the Lord's coming, as I am doing here, but not to allow fear to infiltrate our souls. Satan is given power over the Saints during the Tribulation, but not the Church. (Revelation 13:7). Those 2 contradictory passages alone should prove a Pre-Tribulation rapture.  It's time to stop playing around with your Christianity and stop playing church. It's time to put aside all sins and worldly enticements and focus on the Lord. Yes, He is coming. And Soon! But in the meantime, His heart is for all those people who will be left behind. His heart is and has always been for the lost. We need to do whatever He asks us to do to help bring in this final harvest. Submit yourself to Him completely and be willing to do anything He asks, no matter how outrageous.  You want to hear from the Lord? Be willing to be obedient in all things. 

In the meantime, watch and pray, and allow God to conform you into the image of His Son! 
The V And V

Famine/Economic Collapse

Nephilim/UFOs/The Great Deception
Earth Groaning/Weather Manipulation