Let's stay in touch!

I love getting to know my readers and staying in touch with you! I consider my books and this website a ministry to the body of Christ to encourage and bless you. God has blessed me with a deep interest in end times and an understanding of prophecy and the Bible, and I long to share that with my fellow brothers and sisters and with anyone who is interested. I also know all of you have your own share of trials and struggles, and I want to be there for you, to pray, to listen, or whatever you need.

So here are the Five best ways you can stay in touch with me and keep up with my posts and books. (Aside from visiting here on my website)

1. This is the Best Way to stay in touch! Receive my blog posts in your email through my newsletter!  That way you don't have to remember to check my site during the week.
Honestly, I hang out here on my blog more than any other place. Here, you'll see posts about things I've learned in my walk with Jesus, End times Information, and my general thoughts on my faith and what I see happening in the world. 

2. Newsletter (You can choose only to receive book news also!) See Below.


You will not find me on many social media platforms these days. There are two reasons. The main one is I've been shadow-banned, my post views limited, and my pages restricted. Hence, the best way for you to stay in touch with me are the two ways I list above. For now, I am on Instagram, so if you're over there, please connect with me.

4. marylu_tyndall@yahoo.com  - drop me a line anytime

If you are interested in getting notified only every time I have a new release, please follow me on Amazon and on BookBub

Thanks! I look forward to getting to know you! God Bless!