Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How American has changed

I'm starting a couple new "series" on my blog. On Tuesday, I'll be blogging about Christianity and Culture. On Thursdays, I'll be starting a Dive into History section which will give a really brief historical fact I've discovered during my research. Fun, huh? 

When I was a kid these things were common in America (and I'm not really that old!)

Mothers stayed home and raised their kids
Everybody I knew went to church on Sunday
Kids could play outside without fear of being kidnapped (unless you were rich)
I and my sister spent most of our free time outside playing in the neighborhood
America was the best nation on earth
America was strong and good
No one blew themselves up in order to kill other people
Gay meant you were happy
If you lived with your boyfriend, you were a loose woman
Divorce was frowned upon
There was no security at airports
Kids didn't go on shooting sprees at school
The drug of choice of most wayward teens was alcohol not ecstasy
Police were the good guys
Families could live comfortable on one income
Most people called themselves Christian
God wasn't a four letter word
Only sailors and loose women got tatoos
Married couples on TV slept in separate beds
Kids didn't talk back to their parents on TV ( or anywhere else)
Accepting charity from the government was shameful
People paid their debts
Families ate together

Can you think of any more? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Tues March 27th ....
    "Morning, MaryLu."
    I agree with everything you shared. Truly, life was simple "back then", and we had little to fear ... except a spanking from our parents if we were in the wrong !
    Well, not only has America changed ... every where on Earth has changed !!! Things are "extremely different", from years gone by.
    Just to mention though ... that Kirk Camerons' one-night live event is on at Theaters across America ... tonight ONLY, March 27th, entitled: "Monumental". He goes on a quest in the presentation, to find out/learn just how America began ... its' -- roots, values and morals ... just how the Country was founded, etc, and just how far it has strayed away today from everything it once held dear and precious. It's being shown in approximately 500 cities. (Check your local listings.)
    Actually yes, MaryLu ... I can now think of one more for your list .... the general population thought it was proper and right ... to -- get married first, and, then at some point ... to start a family.
    Hollywood actors and actresses especially, (although MANY others are living this way too), seem to glorify ... living together, getting pregnant first, and only then ... "possibly" considering marriage.
    Wow ... has our World gone haywire, or what !!!
    Thanks for sharing, MaryLu.
    What an eye-opener on just how far things have regressed !!!
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  2. You could sell lemonade in your front yard without getting busted by the USDA food police for being illegal. True story. :(

  3. Wow, I wish I could see the world like that..
    It seems like every week I hear of at least one horribly unjust, immoral, or just plain evil thing that happened, and I don't even watch the news.

  4. Yeah, Those where the good old days. We do need to take many steps back, but praise God that he sees and knows and all will be put to right when he comes back.

  5. Great eye openers, MaryLu. And no, you are not that old, otherwise, I would be old too. LOL These new blogs should prove to be very interesting. Have a great week and enjoy any rain or sunshine that comes your way. We have nonstop rain right now.

  6. Monumental sounds so good, Brenda! I'll check around my area to see if it's playing, although I don't think I can go tonight. :-(

    Sheri, yes.. I did hear about the restrictions on lemonade stands. Give me a break.

    Sarah, I have to stop watching the news sometimes. I get too depressed

    Amen Tiffany!

    Debbie.. it's raining here. And cold!! burr.. and windy.. but I'm not complaining. ;-)

  7. Here's another one for you:

    You could read your Bible in school without visiting the principle. True story on this one as well-for me. :(

  8. Wow I really wish I could have seen those days, too . . . Everything just seems to be getting worse. One of the first major things I remember seeing on the news was 9/11 :(

  9. Eszter, wow. Just for reading the Bible? I had heard that a teacher can't have one on his or her desk but a student can't read one? That's incredible. How sad.

    Heather.. I have fond memories of my childhood. We felt safe, played with the neighborhood kids and went into our friend's houses for milk and cookies their Moms just made. A different world than today.

  10. I think I'm around your age, and I remember that...

    Students did not talk back to teachers any more than to their parents!

    Some books and TV programs were considered inappropriate for kids.

    Even non-church-goers did Christmas, Easter, and summer Vacation Bible School.

    What is now acceptable in many Christian homes, was then unacceptable in most non-Christian homes!

    Your new column sounds interesting, MaryLu.

    Blessings, Diane S.

  11. I remember all those things, MaryLu. I had no idea how precious these simple FREEDOMS would be in my future, and that my children have no idea what they are missing (as they are glued to some electronic device).

  12. Diane, yes, we must be close in age because that's how I remember it. People, even non-believers, had morals and honor and decency.

    Like you, Marie, I had no idea how wonderful things were when I was a child.. Now, I'm worried about what kind of world my grandchildren will grow up in.

  13. Leandra (MaryLu's sister)March 29, 2012 at 7:36 AM

    I remember when there were no safety devices on all the consumable items. Then someone poisoned the Tylenol and here we are.

    Also, when we had the freedom to go trick or treating for several blocks with no concern about anything! Until someone poisoned some apples.

  14. Hey Sis! Yes, remember when we went out trick or treating in the dark for hours without Mom? And we'd eat half the candy before we got home.. We even walked several blocks to school! Things have certainly changed.

  15. Whoa, hi MaryLu's sister! :)

    Leandra is a beautiful name!

    MaryLu, you've told us about your kids but not your siblings (not that I'm aware of, anyway.) I'm curious.. which one of you is older?

  16. Yes, I have a wonderful "older" sister named Leandra. She lives in Tennessee with my Mom. Actually, she's only 3 years older than me.
    I also have a younger brother. 9 years younger who lives in Florida.
    It's hard being apart from them! I try to see them at least once a year. :-)

  17. Wow! You are pretty far apart. I'm glad you get to see them sometimes at least.. I hang out with my brothers all the time. I know there may come a time when I can't do that, but I can't imagine it.