Friday, December 7, 2012

A Suitable Wife by Louise Gouge - Giveaway!

WINNER is Dana Wilkerson Spille!!!  Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who entered!!  

Today, I welcome my good friend and FABULOUS author, Louise M. Gouge!!  I met Louise in Florida once when we roomed together for a conference. We took an immediate liking to each other and have been great friends ever since (Even though we live on opposite ends of the country!)

Louise has more than twelve books published, all in historical romance, and her recent ones have been set during Regency England. (Jane Austen's time period).  I adore her writing! In fact, I've always told Louise that her writing is like fine wine.. it's soft, smooth, rich, and makes me warm all over!   Today, she's here to tell us about her latest release,  A Suitable Wife

It was an impossible attraction: Lady Beatrice Gregory has beauty, brains—and a wastrel brother. With her family fortune squandered, her only chance of a Season is as a lowly companion. London’s glittering balls and parties are bittersweet when Beatrice has no hope of a match. Still, helping Lord Greystone with his charitable work brings her genuine pleasure, perhaps more that she dares to admit. Even when every marriageable miss in London is paraded before him, the only woman to capture Lord Greystone’s attention is the one he shouldn’t pursue. Attaching himself to a ruined family would jeopardize his ambitions. Yet Lady Beatrice may be the only wife to suit his lord’s heart.

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 *MaryLu Here:  Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, I'm nearly done with it and I must say it's WONDERFUL! These characters are so real and so sensitive and so deep, you can't help falling in love with them!  And you can't help hoping beyond hope that they'll end up together. Louise does a great job at planting obstacles in their way while developing their growing love. If you like Jane Austen, if you want to be swept away into Regency England with all its soirees and nobility and beautiful gowns and high-society's strictures and mores, then you don't want to miss A Suitable Wife

And now a word from Louise

Thanks to my good friend MaryLu Tyndall for inviting me to visit today. MaryLu and I share many interests: Our love for writing and reading historical romance novels, our love of tall ships, our love of visiting the settings for our stories and other historic sites. However, the subject that first brought us together is our mutual love for Jesus Christ. Both of us love to write stories that show how God works in the lives of ordinary human beings. Because we have both experienced His love in remarkable ways, we hope to show hurting people how they can know His love, too.

In my latest release, A SUITABLE WIFE, my hero and heroine each find ways to demonstrate God’s love to the less fortunate. Lady Beatrice has grown up with all the wealth and privileges of an earl’s daughter. But when her brother inherits the title of Lord Melton, he gambles away the family fortune within three years. Now Lady Beatrice must work as a lady’s companion to Mrs. Parton. This wealthy, good-hearted, and benevolent aristocrat shows Beatrice how to live beyond herself -- and for God --through her work with orphan girls.

In the first book in my Ladies in Waiting series, A PROPER COMPANION, Viscount Lord Greystone, came close to dying of pneumonia. When Greystone’s mother’s companion speaks to him of God’s redeeming love, he accepts Christ as his Savior. In my new book, Greystone is back to health, and the viscount is eager to find God’s plan for his life. He does not have long to wait. He encounters two small chimneysweeps with breathing problems as deadly as his own had been. Against every custom of Society, Greystone takes the poor boys under his wing, even proposing laws that will keep small children from such work. Based on the efforts of real life Members of Parliament, which eventually led to English reform for these little “climbing boys,” Greystone’s efforts show what one man can do to help those who cannot help themselves.

Of course as a romance writer, I also arranged a very nice but challenging romance for Lady Beatrice and Lord Greystone. Along the way, they each learn many spiritual lessons and a great appreciation for God’s love and mercy.

Even though MaryLu’s and my characters are created in our imaginations, the situations are very true to life. God is real. He loves you. And just as in the case of my fictional heroine and hero, He has a plan for your life that will bring you more joy and satisfaction than you ever dreamed possible.

Thanks again, MaryLu!

(You're so welcome, Louise. Thank you for being here!)

Award-winning Florida author Louise M. Gouge writes historical fiction for Harlequin's Love Inspired imprint. In addition to numerous other awards, Louise is the recipient of the prestigious Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award for her 2005 historical novel, Hannah Rose (first place) and her 2011 Regency novella, The Gentleman Takes a Bride, (second place). Please visit her Web site at

If you'd like to win a copy of Louise's book, A Suitable Wife, Louise requests that you live in either the U.S. or Canada, and that you please answer the following question:

"Has God ever spoken clearly to you about His will for you?" 

 Don't forget to leave your email address in your response! I will draw a name next Saturday on the 15th! 


  1. Good morning Louise and MaryLu, I have been seeing Louise over on the goodreads site and this book is making the rounds, good characters and a good story brought together, thanks for sharing about it. I know I will read it -may have to add another room I am getting so many books to read, cannot pass up a good author or a good story.

    Paula O(
    A Ga Fan

  2. Oooh! Yay! Another Louise Gouge book! I think God has spoken clearly to me about his will...probably the best I remember it's been at least 2-3 outstanding times. Once when I was debating a high paying job vs. Bible school, again when I was going to meet a fellow I met online and I felt God saying NO. lol Weird. And then just recently, I think he has clearly opened my eyes to what he would have me do with my immediate future!

    Count me in for the drawing! :)

  3. Fri Dec 7th,
    "Morning, MaryLu and Louise."
    Hmmmm .... Has God ever "spoken clearly" to me about His will for my life .... Well, not in an audible form. But definitely in -- a thought of inspiration; a strong feeling to pursue an action; encouragement/burning desire to fulfill His plan; Bible passage of confirmation; and His peace, with going in a certain direction.
    Would love to win a copy of "A Suitable Wife". And thank-you, for this opportunity. The story sounds great, I love that time period.
    Take care, and, God Bless,
    In Him, Brenda Hurley

  4. God's will for each individual is clearly spoken through His living word, His words, in the Bible. I once heard a pastor on Christian radio speak about being available for God's use and that resonated with me as spoken by a man but also it came as a word from God. Sometimes people get so busy with their work and various projects, maybe all good activities, that they do not have time to stop and meet the needs God places before them. When I see someone in need, it seems to be God's will that I stop and help, acting as His hands and feet and showing His love. As a Christian I represent Jesus in that manner to the world.

    It would be great to win your book. Thank you for offering it to make an even "marrier" Christmas for the reader!

    Blessings, Janice

  5. Those poor, poor souls...doomed to a life of distress!

    I need to know how the story concludes...tell me they live happily ever after!

  6. God has not "spoken," but He has brought my attention to details that surely must have been His plan until I chose to follow. He is so faithful to lead us.

    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity.

  7. I would love to win a copy of Ms. Gouge's new book--I love Regency novels! And yes, I've felt God clearly speak His will in my life, but I often need a little time to adjust and obey!

    Should I win, you can reach me at danandlyndaedwards(at)msn(dot)com.

  8. I live in nc. God has definitely shown me certain things in my life, most recently is where to go to college. I'm really very thankful for it all. Here is my email: katiegalyean (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Thanks for the giveaway, I enjoyed A Proper Companion and would love to win A Suitable Wife.

    My husband and I have had to pray for the Lord to guide us to the state He would want us settled in.

    janoww1 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  10. This book sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for the introduction to an author I have not yet "met." I'd love to win a copy of "A Suitable Wife!"

  11. I'm sorry! I forgot to add my answer to your question. Yes, God has clearly led me many times, through difficult situations and in decisions regarding which direction I need to go. I'm blessed to be one of God's children!

  12. Thank you all for your lovely testimonies and comments. I agree with the idea that we need to have Scriptural guidance, along with the counsel of wise and godly friends, as we follow God's will for our lives. Isn't it amazing that the Everlasting God uses us for His work here on earth?

  13. Thank you for an opportunity to win A Suitable Wife, it sounds like a great story. To answer the question, yes God has certainly spoken to me and led me in the right direction many times.
    Katie J.

  14. God speaks to me of His will every time I read His word!


  15. I don't know if I think He has spoken clearly but when I started to obey His slight urging's, He slowly guided me but I had to take each step by faith before the next piece was revealed. Pretty cool when I look back on it.


  16. I have not just heard a voice like some say they have, but HE has helped me make the right decisions at timesAnd, I think sometimes it is the thought that pops into your head that it is the Holy Spirit trying to get to go in a certain way. I know HE has always comforted me in times of grief at the loss of a loved one, and, when I am down, and has given our big family many miracles thru answered prayers. I would like to win this book. Maxie ( )

  17. This is amazing--Seeing Louise here on MaryLu's blog! I love how Christian authors support each other.

    I think the Lord speaks to us when we read His Word--then through His Holy Spirit will guide us through a "dot" He places in our hearts :)--the Direction (or desire), Opportunity, and Timing in our lives for anything He wants us to accomplish in His name.

    It's good to be here again, MaryLu! And thanks for the opportunity to win a sister -in-Christ's work!

  18. I was getting ready for work one morning and something kept telling me to call a good friend of mine. I kept telling myself, "I don't have time...It's too early, etc." I just couldn't shake the feeling, so I did call her and it turned out that she was really having a difficult time and needed a friend to talk to. I know it was God's hand that moved me to help out a friend in need.

  19. Thank you, Mrs. Tyndall, for continuing to share great author's names! Yes, God has spoken clearly to me several times, one main one where He pretty much put words in my mouth to say to this guy in my youth group class-long story short, he was "trouble", and let others to it also. A disrupter of class and such, his attitude bugged me (as I'm the quieter type :)) but I knew that he had a soft heart underneath and was looking for guideance....anyway, none of the teachers were able to talk and get through to him, and one night I went up to him after class and told him that God loved him a lot and I did too, and the teachers and I wanted him to turn for the good :). Final ending: I ran out of class when I was done because I was bawling and shaking like crazy (I mean, c'mon, I was like 12 or 13 and this dude was big and around 16 or 17). Later, my teacher said when she went to talk to him, he said "You don't have to say anything. That girl said it all. I understand it now." and she said he was crying!Wow. And he is a BIG tough dude from the streets.
    Thanks again for this chance!

  20. I don't need to be entered in the contest, but wanted to share one time (though there have been more)when I felt the Lord telling me to go see a mother of four children. I had heard she had lost one of her children in a tragic way and I was to go support her during the hard time. The Lord's ways are not our ways, and I've never figured out why I was told to go to the wrong house except I was get to know the mother better and become good friends. This was over 30 years ago. We are still friends, though we now live in different states, half the continent away from each other.
    I've read all of Louise Gouge's books, including this one. I agree with Mary Lu: A Suitable Wife was WONDERFUL... and I'm thrilled for whoever wins it. Thanks for letting me come and make a comment in support of Louise.

  21. Hello MaryLu and Lousie!! Thank you for this opportunity. There have been many times I know God has spoken clearly to me about His will for my and my families lives. The one that sticks out the most to me is when He asked us to give up all of our current comforts (home, cars, friends, great neighborhood, close extended family, etc..) and answer the call on our lives to ministry. 5 years ago this December 28th we did exactly that. We're currently Pastoring a church in Salem, Oregon and there's no place on earth I'd rather be than right here in the will of God for our lives.
    God bless!!


  22. It sounds like a wonderful story! I would love to win!
    God has spoken to me before about His will for my life, I think the most clear was when I chose to marry my husband, in spite of not knowing him at all...I often have gone back and thought "Why did I do that?" and I remember why. martha(at)lclink(dot)com

  23. Sounds like another good story! I wish I could hear God's clear instructions for my life, but mostly I feel His nudges. He has nudged and pushed me along for years, with me all too often balking like a mule. :)

    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  24. I've read a few of Gouge's books. They're really good! My favorite was The Captain's Lady. =D
    -Rebekkah xD

  25. Yes He has and I am trying my best to do what He has ask of me .I love praying and ministering to people and watching God move greatly in them and for them .Love to win please .Thank you ,Dana Spille

  26. God has spoken to me several times re: employment opportunities that I should pursue - causing me to move out-of-state alone, away from family & friends, without a place to live. Most rewarding times of my life!

  27. I would love to win,Eneter me!!
    Thanks for the giveaway and God Bless!!
    Sarah Richmond

  28. Wow, I'm so amazed at all of these wonderful stories. Thank you all for sharing. God is so good!

  29. I've never felt clearly what God wants me to do, but I'm sure it's from my lack of listening! Your book sounds great! shopgirl152nykiki(at)yahoo(dot)com