Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Free Adult and Kid Coloring Books!

Instead of my normal picture today, I want to introduce you to a very talented man who is starting an online business selling his very-beautiful coloring books. He contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I'd be interested in sharing his website on my blog, and when I went over to look at his coloring books, I was blown away! 

Here's a portion of his email to me.

My name is Kris and I am a father of little boy named Antoni.
He appeared in my world one year ago and virtually turned it upside down. Everybody is ready for it until it happens, right?:)

The day Antoni was born I decided to use the energy he gave me to create free website with coloring pages for children all around the world. Being a child we all loved coloring pages and I thought that it is a good idea to spread this activity for next generations. Without any money, obligations, subscriptions etc. Totally for free. To help people and especially children.

So I just immersed in work.

I spent about half of my time comforting Antoni (he was a colicky baby) and the rest of my time on creating a website. I slept 6 hours a day, but after a year of intensive work here it is

A completely free website for children and adults with coloring pages. It is free because I honestly believe that sharing is caring. It is going to be always free and maybe after some time will attract any sponsor. That way I plan to give Antoni a proper education. My hope is that later in life he can share his best energy with the world and the people around him.
I believe that this is the best way to be a good man. No big policy, no single decisions, but love, sharing, understanding and helping each other day after day.


How could I resist such a warm email?  Anyway, please head over to his website and check out the coloring books. There are both children and adult and a Christian category too!  ALL FREE!


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