Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday's Mad Mad World!

Greetings Saints!
Is the world (and the church) asleep? Just browse through the headlines below and tell me if every single one doesn't fulfill end times prophecy of Jesus, Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Revelation, and the Apostle Paul?  The Bible has sold more copies than any other book ever and still nobody seems awake. It completely baffles me. Every week I sit here and scratch my head, wanting to shout for people to wake up, repent, commit their lives to Jesus and then look up because it won't be long now!
Sorry for the rant. It's been a rough week in the world

New York passed a bill that would allow abortion up to the point of birth. They qualify it with if the mother's health is at risk, but that could mean, emotional health as well. In other words, if the mother doesn't want a baby. This is absolutely shocking and horrible and brings tears to my eyes. I plan on writing a post about how we have returned to child sacrifice on the altar of Baal. How proud our enemy must be

Aside from that we have the Gog-MaGog war of Ezekiel 38 looming on the horizon. That war could break out at any moment, though I personally believe something has to happen to weaken America before Russia, Iran, and Turkey will take a chance. We wait and watch

  • Egad! Even the Jewish Rabbis believe the messiah is coming!
  • Click on the "hypersexualization of our children below". You'll be shocked
  • Trans trans everywhere and not a normal heterosexual in sight
  • Microsoft installed (without your permission) a fake news filter on their browser. But guess who gets to determine what news is fake? Not you!
  • Meanwhile the earth is shaking, rattling and rolling, and Christians are being persecuted by the thousands. But don't worry about that. Go back to your twinkies, cable television, and your seeker friendly church.  (Sorry. I'm in a mood, I guess)

How long does America have?


Are the 10 plagues of Egypt reappearing?
Is Israel ready for all out war? 
Super Blood Moon, plagues and peace plan
Rabbi declares the Messiah will come before Israeli elections in April 

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Iranian general warns "Don't play with a lion's tail" in fiery threat!
Is Taiwan reunification hastening a China-US clash?
Iron dome intercepts Syrian missiles after claims of attack on Damascus 
Israel sends strong message to Iran with strikes in Syria 
Iran fires rocket at Golan 
Taiwan holds live-fire drills as 80% reject Chinese rule 
Iran says its ready for war with Israel that will lead to its destruction.  (Apparently they haven't read the Bible)
Israel and Iran very close to declaring all out war
World Council of Churches trains 2000 anti-Israel activists
Iran ready to eliminate Israel from the earth, air-force commander says
Israel launches a new barrage of missiles against Iranian targets in Syria
Syria threatens strike on Israel airport 
Russia warns Israel to stop strikes in Syria

Sodom and Gomorrah

Hypersexualization of our children
UK Hospitals allowing men to stay in women-only wards
California educators forcing view that there are 15 genders on elementary school children
Transgenders begin to dominate women's sports
The attack on masculinity
New York Legislation passed that makes transgender discrimination illegal
Restaurant fined for ID'ing transgender woman using bathroom
Parents magazine makes history with same sex couple on front cover 
Dangerous new push for puberty blockers in young children 
Transgender demi-god creates quite a following in India 
Harvard trying to write core medical facts about gender 
England's first transgender family. Dad was born a woman and his little girl began life as a boy. Is it just me or has the world gone insane?

AntiChrist Beast System

Apple and other Tech Giants protect pedophiles and porn but ban pro-America conservatives 
New Socialist congresswoman issues violent threat to all Republicans 
China is building huge espionage database on Americans
Intel wants to be your one stop shop for 5G - mark of the beast tech 
Humans to download their souls into microchips so they can live forever 
Bill in Arkansas would regulate chipping employees 
Disarm Americans: Gunning for your 2nd Amendment rights 
Majority of world population support Globalism 
Chinese government to rewrite the Bible and make it more communist.  
Vaccine deep state plot discovered that would criminalize all anti-vaccine speech 
New IRS spy software 
Deep state plan to remove Trump and Pence and install Pelosi as next President 
Globalist Angela Merkel pushes for One World Government 
Leftist working overtime to shut down the movie, Killing Free Speech 
Believing a lie--the power of media manipulation 
Microsoft installs a "Fake" news filter into its browser 
Merkel and Macron moving toward a powerful EU army. 
Fake news of the left has ruined these catholic boy's lives 


Man intended to attack the White House with a anti-tank Rocket 
Very disturbing video of a show in Lithuania  that will make you sick, but if you have the stomach for it, it's important to know what's going on in the world. 
A tale of Two Marches, Abortion and Pro-Life 
Zimbabweans have been killing white farmers and now the black community is starving to death 
University of Georgia teaching assistant says "Some white people may have to die" 

The rise of Satanism in America 
The Blasphemous promotion of abortion as God's plan 
New York passes horrific late-term abortion bill a day after the historic blood moon 
One World trade center lit up in pink to celebrate abortion bill passing

Signs in the Sky

Mysterious blips appear over South Florida 
Russian Scientists warm  major asteroid could hit earth in 2068
Super blood moon eclipse leaves stunning photos 
Something else besides planet 9 could be hiding in our solar system 
A meteor strikes the moon during the eclipse


Many Christians are being killed. New report says up to 60,000 are currently in concentration camps
Karen Pence condemned by the Left for teaching at a Christian school 
Iranian Christians refuse to renounce their faith in exchange for their freedom 
Lady GaGa blasts Mike Pence, calling his worst form of Christianity 
China forcing Christians to replace Jesus with Communist posters and turning pulpits into gamerooms 
Kamala Harris, senator from CA, reveals that she hates God and anyone who believes in Him


Replacement theology rears its ugly head in many Christian organizations

Earth groaning

Early morning earthquake strikes Bay Area, CA again 
Tennessee experiencing increased earthquake activity 
Tokyo rattled by strong earthquake 
2 dead as strong earthquake strikes Chili
5.8 Quake in Mexico 
Ebola outbreak in Congo moving toward a major city 
6.4 Quake strikes Indonesia 
Another 6.0 quake strikes Indonesia
5.8 Quake hits Alaska
Australia heat wave produces mass animal deaths and melting roads
Yellowstone super volcano could threaten food shortages for the Western Hemisphere

On that happy note, have a great weekend!  But remember, we are not appointed to God's wrath!

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  1. Yep, I do believe that Jesus will be returning in our lifetime...very soon. I'm looking up.