Tuesday, January 18, 2022

FREE EBOOK. When Angels Cry!


I've put When Angels Cry (Guardians of the Saints, 1) on sale for FREE from January 16th-January 20th.  So, if you haven't read it yet, here's your chance. Please feel free to tell as many people about this sale as you are led. I want to get this book out into as many people's hands as possible.  This is a very important book for the days in which we currently live, and I believe the Lord gave me a very strong message within the story for both Christians and unbelievers. 
274 5 Star Reviews!

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In the not too distant future… Wars, plagues, and famines ravage the world, immorality and violence are rampant, and the Bible is outlawed. Angelica Smoke, a single mother and cocktail waitress, ascends the steps of a megachurch to deliver a message from God to the one man she hoped to never see again. 
That message thrusts world-famous pastor Daniel Cain into a whirlwind of confusion, causing him to seek out Angelica and demand an explanation. But the woman broke his heart once and is now involved in a fanatical cult. Even being seen with her could damage his career. Still, he cannot stay away, and the more time he spends with her, the more he begins to doubt everything he believes. 
Angelica is a seer. God grants her visions of the future, but she has no idea what to do with them. Her top priority is protecting her son—from the world, the culture, the devil, and especially from Daniel. But God keeps throwing them together, causing her fears to rise and reopening old wounds that threaten to tear her soul apart. Angels watch over the couple, protecting and hoping they will make the right choices. But the angels are limited in what they can do as the end of the age comes to a close and the spiritual battles intensify, not only for Angelica and Daniel, but for all humanity.
When Angels Battle (Guardians of the Saints, 2) is still on Pre-order for only 2.99!  The price will go up on release day! 
After the sudden disappearance of her parents, Nyla Cruz was left with the care of her younger brother and aged grandmother.  After World War 3 began, famine, violence, and disease ravaged the planet, transforming the calm world she once knew into hell on earth. With the arrival of the Neflams, hope returned, bringing a semi-peace under the New World Union.  Now, all Nyla wants to do is use her position as leader of a NWU Peace Keeping team to imprison all Deviants—the ones who caused all earth’s troubles.  When a chance arises to infiltrate a local group, she agrees to go undercover. Their leader, a preacher named Daniel Cain, is on the NWU top-wanted list, and his capture could mean a huge promotion and a chance to change the world for the better.  

After recovering from the shock of being left behind, ex-Navy Seal Calan Walker is determined to overcome his past mistakes and be a powerful force in the Kingdom of God. So, when he is recruited to be a bodyguard for the greatest Tribulation evangelist, Daniel Cain, he jumps at it. He learns much under Daniel’s tutelage, but when a beautiful woman weaves her way into their underground church, he is suspicious, yet intrigued and enamored. He cannot allow his heart to rule over his head. Never again. 

As the earth endures the first half of the Tribulation, Angels are dispatched to aid and defend the remaining saints. Their job?  Do not interfere in free will but battle all evil attacks by Satan’s warriors. However, that becomes more and more difficult as countless hordes of evil beings are being unleashed across the globe.

Yes, there will also be a paperback version of this book, which will be available on February 1st



  1. Great! I will send it out to my newsletter subscribers.

  2. I can't wait for When Angels Battle!!!! I just happen to be reading When Angels Cry again when I noticed the presale for the next installment, yay!!