Thursday, December 1, 2022

Was that the Last Thanksgiving We Will Celebrate?

 I came across this list of dreams and visions posted by Dave Hodges on the Common Sense Website. I often use his articles and news and have found him trustworthy.  These dreams are very ominous and frightening for those who don't know Jesus and/or are left behind. However, I felt led to post the link in case you wanted to check it out. For me, it made me realize how close we are to going home. One thing that stuck out to me were the descriptions of the Tribulation. I have just finished my first draft of When Angels Rejoice, set during the last half of the Tribulation, and I was shocked at how similar these dreams are to the words the Holy Spirit gave me to write in the book. 

 Remember, these are just dreams, so interpretations can vary.


  1. Kinda hard to be misinterpreted. Those dream posts are saying exactly what you think they are saying. Time is short and this is what's coming wake up and draw closer to Jesus before it's too late. Thank you Marylu for sharing this it's spot on. Pam

  2. I certainly hope so. Found out a few weeks ago that my brother has cancer. Found out last night that it is stage 4 and w/o chemo he would live 3-6 months. With Chemo 6- 12 months. He wants to take the chemo because he has a grandbaby due to be born next May. He is a recovered alcoholic of 27 years. I told him I did not want him to die w/I Jesus. He says he is a believer, but I'm not sure. His wife is an atheist. My twin sister, may have cancer or kidney disease. She is waiting for tests to come back. They all had the jab. My brother has led a healthy life style, except for taking the jab. And I told you about my older sister who lost her eyesight in one eye and has AFIB. I can't help but seeing that I don't believe these health issues my siblings are having are a coincidence. They fell for the lies and took the shot. Now I bet they are suffering the consequences. By God's grace, I'm the only one not suffering health issues.
    I know this blog wasn't on the jabs, but with everything going on, I welcome to hear that Trumpet sound to call us home!
    Sorry that this was so long winded. I'm devesated about my brother. Please pray.

    1. I'm so sorry Barbara. I went through this recently with my brother, stage 3 in his colon. Sometimes these things happen so that the person can fully commit to the Lord. I will pray for that to happen in your brother's case. It's so sad to watch your loved ones who took the jab get so sick. It's beyond frustrating.. particularly since they won't listen to you. I will pray for your brother... as I have been praying for your sister. God's got this! He loves our families as much as we do. Just keep praying and when the opportunity presents itself, witness to him.

  3. I meant to say I don't want him to die without Jesus.

  4. Barbara I'm sorry all that is happening to your family members. My mom had stage 4 lymphoma and went through an experimental chemotherapy but God brought her through it and she was able to minister to others who had cancer. God and our lord and savior Jesus are bigger than anything the enemy can do. Praying for healing for all who took that shot of poison. Pam

  5. Pam,
    Thank you so much for the encouragement. It means a lot.