Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chapter a week!

A collection of three novels By Yvonne Lehman

SARA HONEYCUTT needs a life goal now that she has a college degree, so she takes a summer housekeeping job. She quickly attracts the attention of the family's three sons, but which one can she really trust?
ELLEN JONSEN is jobless and feuding with her father. Desperate for a job that will keep her close to her little sister, Ellen starts working at a Christian conference center for a boss who harbors a mysterious pain in his past. Can she find relief for an increasingly stressful life?
TYLER CORBIN, just released from two years in prison, finds a woman he could love—if only his past were different. Can he trust her enough not to expose the fact that he is innocent?
Through joy and sorrow, each person finds a trail leading them torenewed faith, as well as romance.

Orchid House by Cindy Martinusen

Bringing Words to Life and Life to Words"Cindy Martinusen reveals the exotic beauty, generous hospitality and heartbreaking history of the Philippines in this stunning tale that enthralled me from start to finish." Rel Mollet "RelzReviewz"(Australia)

From back cover:A funeral and some family business--that' s what Julia Bentley expects when she travels to the Philippines to bury her grandfather. Instead, she discovers a place where the past and present, Spanish and Asian, primitive and civilized mingle in a melange as spicy and colorful as the paella her relatives dish up for special occasions. A place where children hitch rides on cattle and others wield loaded guns. Where guerrillas lurk in the jungle and volcanoes and governments are threatened to blow. Where stories haunt her ancestral home - the grand but decaying Hacienda Esperanza, Plantation of Hope - and danger lurks behind every tree. How can a land so foreign, and so troubled,fill her with a strange peace? And would staying mean risking her life...or finding it at last?

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