Friday, September 9, 2022

Possible Prophetic Impact of Queen Elizabeth's Death.

 Some of you have asked my thoughts on this. Just in my spirit, I sense that the Queen's passing is very important as it relates to the end times. I've heard over the years from various sources that many of the Royals in England are, like most world leaders, part of the Global Satanic Elite. Some have said that their bloodlines are mixed with fallen angels. I cannot prove any of that, nor do I care. But having Prince Charles now step onto the throne may have huge implications for the future. I do believe at best, he is a WEF puppet, at worse, a satan worshipper. I am copying and pasting below some great information put together by Craig Bong and posted online on Telegram and Facebook.
Is Prince Charles the AntiChrist? Time will tell. Honestly, I don't care. I won't be here, but it's interesting to ponder, that if he is, we are so very close to going home!


    The Antichrist arises during that generation that sees Israel reborn in a day (Ezekiel 36:24, Matthew 24:32-34, II Thessalonians 2:4). Fulfillment: Prince Charles was born the same year, 6 months to the day, November 14, 1948, as Israel became an independent nation reborn May 14, 1948. His revealing comes at the same time as the great apostasy within the latter day church--the Laodicean age.


    Prophecy: The Antichrist is a prince within the boundaries of the ancient Roman Empire maps (Daniel 9: 26-27). Fulfillment: Charles is the Prince of Wales (England and Wales belonged to the north-western provinces of the ancient Roman Empire) over which Titus and his father both served under Rome.


    Antichrist is associated with ”the people of the prince that shall come and shall destroy the city and the sanctuary”, (Daniel 9:27, Luke 21:20). Fulfillment: British, specifically pertaining to that of Wales and Germanic tribes led by Titus, following the flag of the red dragon, destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. Daniel 9:26-27 and its parallel passage, Luke 21:20, both connect the Antichrist to Titus and thus to the Roman Empire. The Antichrist is not only a prince who will rise within the boundaries of ancient Roman Empire (Daniel 7:24 insists upon it), but that he must also be specifically a prince of the same region that Titus served under Rome. Charles' ancestry is both traced to that of Great Britain and Germany. He is descendant of the Charles V, a German emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.


    Prophecy: Many Bible verses calls the Antichrist as a ”man” (Daniel 7:8, 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Revelation 13:18). Fulfillment: Name ”Charles” is derived from an ancient Germanic word meaning man or manly.


    Prophecy: The name of the Antichrist should count up 666 by using Greek-Hebrew gematria (Revelation 13:18). Fulfillment: Prince Charles’ official title Charles, Prince of Wales, sums up 666 both in English and Hebrew by using the Hebrew-Greek gematria, the system early Church fathers and also used. The first 9 letters have the value of 1-9; the second 9 letters have the value of 10-90 and the following 4 letters have the value of 100-400. His image of peace, an image of 3 ostrich feathers also contains of the sum of 666 as revealed within the World Economic Forum and his Sustainable Markets Initiative.


    Prophecy: Daniel 9:27, Daniel 7:8 and Revelation 17:9-13 associates the Antichrist with specific Roman Emperors. Fulfillment: As a descendant of Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Prince Charles has the legal right to the crown of the Holy Roman Emperors and is one of seven, having the same name as 7 emperors named Charles that ruled before him. He is descendent of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and is next in line to be the 8th Charles of the revived Holy Roman Empire which (was wounded) ceased in 1806.


    Prophecy: Daniel 7:8 – The Little Horn of Daniel 7 is the final Antichrist-who sets himself up behind the scenes to be great, or one having a prestige among others. The reference to that of a little horn in ancient time is always connected to that of a royal prince. Fulfillment: The film: Prince Phillip--The Plot for a King reveals how important it was for the Royals to produce a man-child to regain the throne of Queen Elizabeth. Prince Charles is given the emblem of a "little horn" that rides upon a white horse on his coat of arms.


Prophecy: The Antichrist must ”fulfill” the expectations of Jews for their long-awaited Messiah (John 5:43, Luke 21: 8, I John 2:18). Fulfillment: Just like Jesus, Charles, the firstborn, who as a child was circumcised by a Jewish rabbi, can trace or attempts to trace his lineage back to King David of Israel as one who ”fulfills the role as a messiah”. By way of his ancestry he mimics Micah 5:2. His coat of arms bears the emblem of a harp.


    Prophecy: Working alongside the Jews, the Antichrist must fulfill the Messianic expectations of many false religions (Revelation 13:8). Fulfillment: Prince Charles descends from Muhammad’s lineage as prerequisite for the Islamic Mahdi and is a prominent Western leader who defends all world religions. A prominent Imam today teaches that the Biblical Antichrist will come from Great Britain, the land out of the Sea.


    Prophecy: The Antichrist deceives the Jews, who are returned to their land and established the state of Israel, into a deceitful ”a covenant” with their neighbors who seek their destruction (Dan. 9:27). Fulfillment: Prince Charles had a significant role in the implementation of the Oslo ”Peace” Accord in 1993 and 1995. Charles appears to work in favor of the Jews by way of the World Holocaust Forum and is considered that he will be a good king for the Jews. Charles is author of Agenda 21 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Peace and Security which Israel has agreed to follow by way of a 429 page UN document written in 2019. Once implemented, a world-wide 7 year covenant is planned to be completed no later than the year 2030. A 7 year covenant, termed Laudato Si is currently on the table and was delivered to COP26 by Pietro Parolin of the Holy See.


    Prophecy: The deceptive nature of Antichrist is revealed to the Jews in the middle of the Tribulation when he will arrive in Jerusalem to abolish sacrifice and the oblation around the time of Passover on the third temple and instigate the satanic inspired persecution of the Jews for the following 3 1/2 years (Daniel 8:11, 9:27, 11:31, Matthew 24:15, Luke 21:20, 2 Thessalonians 2:4, Revelation 11:2, 12:14). Fulfillment: Prince Charles descends from a family with strong ties to Germany's Third Reich. In his private letters, he has shown disdain for the Jewish state of Israel and secretly supported the openly antisemitic Hamas and wishes to bring peace between Israel and Iran.


    Prophecy: The Antichrist receives global authority from all nations, peoples and tribes of the world (Revelation 13:7). Fulfillment: Prince Charles comes from a family that has been at the top of freemasonry for centuries and has led a plan to build a one world government, a one world economy and one world religion based in Jerusalem, with a rebuilt temple under the authority of the British Crown. Prince Charles has been personally at the forefront of such an effort and has campaigned for a one world government since 1992 and urged that all nations, peoples and tribes to join the global revolution to create a new global order under what is now referred to as Agenda 2030. His book "Harmony" reveals his plan for mankind. Prince Charles plays a lead role in the World Economic Forum and is author of the Sustainable Markets Initiative, the Green New Deal, the Build Back Better plan, the Great Reset, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the pope's Laudato Si movement and the Terra Carta mandate.


Prophecy: The most significant change in the new world order of the Beast will be the creation of a global economic system in which no one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast in/on the right hand or the forehead (Revelation 13:16–18). Fulfillment: Prince Charles has called for a reform of the global capitalist economic system. He was also the first person to show public support for the human RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology by microchipping his sons William and Harry in 1995, and has collaborated with companies worldwide to extend RFID technology to all areas of global trading. Bank of America and BP are backing Prince Charles in a new "climate effort". The movement towards a global digital change is likely to occur under the plan "Operation London Bridge", once Queen Elizabeth passes away.


    Prophecy: The Antichrist speaks to the whole world via a living and speaking image through which all peoples on the earth can worship him simultaneously (Revelation 13:14–15). Fulfillment: Charles’ appearance at the 2008 Abu Dhabi energy conference in the form of a hologram was the first event of its kind that gave great attention to the modern hologram technology.


    Prophecy: In Revelation, the Antichrist is symbolized by the red dragon and lion-leopard-bear hybrid beast (Revelation 12:9, 13:2). Fulfillment: The Red Dragon of Wales is the personal Heraldic emblem for Prince of Wales of his coat of arms, which also includes a rampant guardant lion, which has the appearance as a head of a lion-a slim like appearance as a leopard with oversized feet as a bear. His coat of arms from left to right in Heraldry reads: I serve the red dragon. Upon the image are 7 heads and 7 crowns upon each head fulfilling Revelation 12:3-4. Within the shield appears ten lions, representative of ten leaders whom he, the 11th will rule over rising up a paw against 3.


    Prophecy: According to Revelation 13:2, the Red Dragon or Satan gives the Beast, ”his power, his throne and great authority”. Fulfillment: When Charles was formally given the title of the Prince of Wales at his investiture in 1969, he swore his oath of allegiance, bending his knees before the the throne that represents the Welsh Red Dragon, after which he sat on its right side, with flags of the red dragon waving around him. His coat of arms bears the insignia of a red dragon encased within a ring and chained to the white horse and the rider (the little horn) that rides upon it, symbolic that the two will rule together as one, each having the insignia of heir apparent around their necks.


    Prophecy: When Satan has been thrown in the midst of the Tribulation period with his fallen angels onto the earth, ”Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.” (Revelation 12:12). Fulfillment: Like his father Prince Philip, Charles is notorious on his support for depopulation and eco-fascism. He proclaims in his book Harmony: ”We cannot make the equation balance, unless we seriously address how we stabilize and even reduce the human population of the world…this, of course, raises some very difficult moral questions.” In this statement, Prince calls the mass murder of the world’s human population on a historically unprecedented proportion. In a recent UN speech, he referred to much of the world's population as "useless eaters".


    Prophecy: The Antichrist shows no regard for the God of his fathers or any other god, but ”magnify himself above all” (Daniel 11:37). Fulfillment: Prince Charles has not shown interest or respect for true Christianity or of his predecessors of the Anglican Church. This is reflected in Charles’s oath to be changed from "defender of the faith" to that of "defender of faiths" and in so doing, embracing all religion.


Prophecy: The Antichrist declares himself to be God in the rebuilt temple of Jerusalem (II Thessalonians 2:4). Fulfillment: Prince Charles has spoken openly about his pantheistic worldview which teaches that natural world is not separated from God but is identical with Him; that everything in nature is divine or godlike, including every human being. He thinks himself as a "savior of the world" which in his view, the world is Mother-Earth, embracing the religion of Mystery Babylon (Gaia).


    Prophecy: Instead of the God of Israel, the Antichrist honors the god of fortresses; a god who manifest himself by temples or other religious places of worship, in contradiction to the God of Bible who ”does not dwell in temples made with hands” (Daniel 11:38-39, Acts 17:24). Fulfillment: Prince Charles is believer in philosophy of the ”sacred geometry” which teaches that a connection to God is possibly to find universally, and apart from doctrinal differences between different faiths, through sacred buildings whose architecture respects certain geometric patterns such as the universal symbols of satanism and witchcraft, five-pointed star or pentagram (cp. Harmony, Chapter 3, pages 114 -18). The Temple Institute today wishes for a temple for all faiths and may be an architectural masterpiece.


    Prophecy: ”Neither shall he regard.... the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.” (Daniel 11:37) Many have interpreted that expression ”…nor the desire of women” means that the Antichrist is a homosexual or perhaps one that deprives himself of someone. Fulfillment: Prince Charles is best remembered for his irrational relationship with Princess Diana and for his inability to respond to Diana’s love, which was illustrated well in Charles’s question referring to Diana, ”Whatever in love means.” Charles’ marriage with Camilla may conceal his beliefs on homosexuality but his Sustainable Markets Initiative clearly advocates for the embracing of homosexuality across the globe. The name Camilla comes from the ritual of ancient Roman religion for a youth serving as a cult officiant.


    Prophecy: According to the final fulfillment phase of the vision of Daniel 11:21, the Antichrist is one that is a despicable crown prince who rises to the throne. Fulfillment: Charles has become one of the most despised crown princes in British history. He is not well-liked among his own countrymen and much of the world would rather have his son, William, come to power next.


    Prophecy: The Antichrist sets himself in the place of and against Christ. He creates around himself a global cult of personality that will overshadow and exceed all previous leaders (I John 2:18, Revelation 13:8) Fulfillment: Prince Charles believes that he is born for purpose and that his duty is saving of the world. Graham Smith states: ”He is under the impression he has been sent to save the world and deliver us from our sins. It’s quite delusional.” To many leftists he is now a great visionary and almost messianic world leader. He has even expressed that the ultimate motive behind his all actions is the belief that his duty is ”to heal the mortally wounded soul” so that, ”the temple of our humanity can once again be lit by a sacred flame” (source: Lorimer, page 235).


    Prophecy: "Then I saw a beast rising up out of the sea." - Revelation 13:1. Fulfillment: The land out of the sea in Roman times, under Roman rule, was given to a large region of land outside the continent of Europe. Tin was shipped from Tarshish, the land out of the sea, to Israel in the days of Solomon. Tin is known today to come from Great Britain.


Prophecy: "He shall confirm a covenant with many" Dan. 9:27. Fulfillment: Prince Charles made opening remarks at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. As of November 2021, a 7 category, 7 year covenant was presented to the Conference of the Parties, referred to as COP26. Although the confirming or rather making greater of the covenant has not yet occurred yet, there is one on the table that Prince Charles embraces by way of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and his Sustainable Markets Initiative. The current course of action is to have the world come to agreement by COP27 in Egypt and reset the proposed 7 year covenant, known as Laudato Si, to be completed by the year's end of 2029.

Formatted by Craig Bong with note of thanks to the research and inspiration from: Joan Veon (United Nations Reporter and author of two books--The United Nations' Global Straightjacket; Prince Charles: The Sustainable Prince), Tim Cohen (author of Antichrist and a Cup of Tea), Samuel Tuominen, Sir Robert Anderson (The Coming Prince) and Monte Judah (Messianic World News)


  1. Wow! I didn’t even read through all of them and I’m convinced!
    I just had a feeling in my spirit that the Queen’s passing was ominous. God’s timing though.

  2. Many prophets say the AC is former President OBAMA. His name appears in Luke. Barak O Bamah. On a trip to Egypt once he said he looked a lot like a certain Pharaoh there. The AC will be popular and Charles is not as popular as Obama.

    1. Yes, Obama certainly is another good candidate, along with Emmanuel Macron and others... Like I said, I really don't care in the long run.. but interesting to look at. :-)

  3. Wow! This is all very interesting! Thank you so much for sharing this. Although, I thought the anti-christ was supposed to be very attractive. King Charles is far from that. But we won't know because we won't be here. 😉
    God bless!

  4. Very interesting. Well I dont know, I was putting my $ on Trump. I dont think he or Obama are very attractive physically, Barbara. But all 3 certainly have the ability to attract the multitudes. I am very saddened by the # of Christians who have become angry war mongers as Trump worshippers ! Maybe all three will join forces, one riding the horse and the other two as the left and right flanks of the horse 🐴 :-)

  5. Macron has the Pope’s ear and is attractive. The Economist had him on their cover a few years ago walking on water. The devil is such a copycat. But like you, I don’t care. I do agree that the passing of the Queen is important, as she was the head of the COE.